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Spend Another Fantastic Summer in Taipei's Most Trendy Inns

|Marianne Luz Molo
Are you looking for a new city to visit in East Asia? Taipei is very popular among tourists during the summer for its magnificent skyscrapers and a captivating hiking trail across the Taiwanese mountains.

Taipei sits on an ancient lakebed called the Taipei Basin and is known as the economic, political, and cultural center. Countless visitors coming in and out of the city stop by to ride the famous Taipei 101 Skyscraper and enjoy the view from the top. Taipei's beef noodle soup is one delicacy you can't pass on, so grab a bite and head over to visit the Maokong Gondola. For hiking enthusiasts, Taipei boasts the Elephant Mountain, a famous hiking trail. Aside from sightseeing, Taipei is also home to the most vibrant night markets in Asia where the carnivals are participated by both locals and tourists.

The best time to visit Taipei is in the early summer and early winter while the temperature is still warm and events are constantly high, making the city a perfect choice for a summer getaway.

1. Work Inn 101

At Work Inn 101 in Taipei, guests can stay at an invigorating hostel-turned-inn right in the Xinyi District.

Located just 6 minutes from Tonghua Street Night Market and 50m from MOS Burger Restaurant, Work Inn 101 is regarded as the best hostel in Taipei. The property is set in a convenient location that makes it easy to go anywhere. The Inn has a great balance of privacy and mingling, with guests bumping into each other during peak hours. The Inn features a shared kitchen and a shared lounge, with free WiFi throughout the property. It also has a shared bathroom complete with a functioning shower, hairdryer, and guest slippers.

Work Inn 101 is a well-rounded inn to stay at to get to know the locals and learn a little bit more about the Xinyi district.
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2. Taipei Inn

Take a trip around the city with little to no hassle while staying in Taipei Inn. This inn is an impressive accommodation if you are in transit and want to get around the city more efficiently.

Located in Zhongzheng district, only a 5-minute walk from Taipei Main Station and 300m from the National Taiwan Museum, Taipei Inn has a clean space with good-natured staff. The property is somewhat close to known train stations, and lots of food stalls are visible outside your doors. If you want to stay at the inn all day, they feature room service and a 24-hour front desk. There is also luggage storage for guests coming from afar and a paid airport shuttle service for those needing to catch the early trains.

There’s so much to discover and try in Taipei City, and staying at an accommodation like Taipei Inn will make those trips much easier.
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3. We Love MeWorld Inn

Have a wonderful stay at We Love MeWorld Inn, a great place for solo travelers so you can have all the space to yourself.

Located in the Wanhua district, a 4-minute walk from The Red House and 450m from MRT Ximen Subway station, this inn offers Japanese-styled rooms with tatami mats. The property is accessible to the main station, bus stations, and nearby district shops so getting around Taipei is no big deal for when shopping for souvenirs. There is a housekeeping service that is part of the inn’s daily morning routine, so don’t worry about messes in the room.

We Love MeWorld Inn is regarded as a go-to hostel in Taipei when traveling alone and has been described as a quaint place located at the heart of Ximending.
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4. Mayer Inn

Spend a relaxing weekend in the capital by booking a stay at Mayer Inn. This wonderful inn is a travel-friendly accommodation for guests looking to try the cuisine and hospitality.

Located in Zhonzheng district, only a 10-minute walk from Taipei Zhongshan Hall and 400m from the National Taiwan Museum, this hotel-turned-inn has remarkable options for food and comfort. The property is only a walk away from the main station and has plenty of good rooms available. If you’re weary from traveling, relax your body in the heated seat the inn has available in the lounge. The inn is also in a central location, surrounded by good food stalls and known restaurants, so sampling Taiwanese desserts and snacks is made easy.

At night, guests can relax and nod off by watching movies through the TV and it will serve as entertainment throughout the night. Overall, just a wonderful accommodation in the heart of the city.
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5. Just Sleep

Just Sleep is a perfect inn for couples or groups of friends staying for a couple of weeks. It’s in a great location, and despite the industrial feel, it is a well-presented and trendy property.

Located in Sanchong district, about 2.5 miles from Taipei Confucius Temple and 200m from Eight Way Restaurant, Just Sleep Inn is a great value for money accommodation. The property sports new and clean facilities with a good mattress and 3 types of pillows for guests to choose from. The inn is also right next to a metro station, making traveling around Taipei to visit the nearby sights easier than most hotels.

Focus on enjoying the fresh and cold air of Taiwan while indulging in Taipei’s historical monuments and cuisine around the city.
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6. Tomato TTT

Have an exciting trip and meet fun and hip people at Tomato TTT Inn in Taipei. Featuring a spacious, bright, and clean property with amazing rooms, this inn highlights Taipei’s famous Dihua Street.

Located in Datong district, only a 4-minute walk from Ningxia Night Market and 550m from the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Tomato TTT is an accommodation in an excellent location near various attractions. The property sports an industrial feel but each room has beautiful creative designs that make it unique. The inn is close to Ningxia Night Market and several shopping districts so guests will have a blast all day. The famous Dihua Street is also nearby and a must-visit place in Datong.

Tomato TTT might have a price tag that differs from their competitors, but you cannot find spacious and beautiful rooms accompanying a fantastic view of the city anywhere else. It is truly a boutique inn worth booking.
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7. Journey Town Inn

Looking for a well-designed inn close to the city center, that features a cool theme? Come and rest your heat at Journey Town Inn in Taipei, where you can get pampered by helpful staff and eat local street food to your heart’s content.

Located in Zhongshan district, a 13-minute walk from Liaoning Night Market and 300m from Suho Paper Memorial Museum, Journey Town Inn is an accommodation that sports a cozy atmosphere. The property is uniquely designed to make it stand out among other city inns and has good value-for-money reviews. The property is close to an intersection, with an MRT stop for two lines and several buses.

Finding things to do in Taipei can be a hassle when you don’t have everything planned out, but Journey Town Inn makes walking around the city so much fun.
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8. The Door Inn

Are you looking for a nice and quiet accommodation within a captivating area for hikers and cyclists to explore? The Door Inn is a great place right outside the city center.

Located in Datong district, just an 8-minute walk from Dadaocheng Theater and 550m from Yanping Riverside Park, The Door Inn has a very cool aesthetic and rooms that are very comfortable for a short stay. For those looking to explore the area, this specific neighborhood is home to Taipei’s old charming areas such as Dadaocheng and Dihuajie. For those street shoppers, the neighborhood is also famous for the chaotic morning and night markets so feel free to visit at least once during your stay.

Considered a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, The Door Inn welcomes everyone who is looking for peace in the chaotic city of Taipei.
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9. Chez Nous

Enjoy a great couple's getaway trip in Taipei through Chez Nous Inn, and its excellent staff service and beautifully decorated rooms.

Located in Daan district, just a 5-minute walk from MRT Daan Station and 800m from Daan Forest Park, Chez Nous is an inn that is considered above average from their fellow business inns in the city. Their tastefully designed and spacious rooms are complemented by comfortable beds and a delightful view from the window. This accommodation is recommended the most for couples because of the inn’s big, delicious, and hearty breakfast buffet that makes the trip worth the money. The staff are also exceptionally attentive and will perform above and beyond their duty to ensure that each guest will leave Taipei with lasting memories.

So, pack up your bags this Valentine's and give yourselves a different taste of romance over at Chez Nous Inn.
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10. Energy Inn

Experience a weekend away at a great place in Ximen, while you explore the mesmerizing museums in Taipei. From the quiet location to the friendly staff, Energy Inn will make your trip to Taipei more than memorable.

Located in Wanhua district, only a 6-minute walk from The Red House and 600m from the Armed Forces Museum, Energy Inn has a very accommodating staff that helps with families staying with their babies. By providing extra kids’ stuff and entertaining them while the parents are away or during rainy days when guests can’t leave the inn, makes this place very homely. The breakfast is a must-try in this inn and is a delight to look forward to, the chef is talented and makes delicious and varied options for guests to try.

At the end of each stay, the staff over at Energy Inn will send out small gifts and trinkets that will make each trip to Taipei unforgettable.
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11. Hej Taipei

Feel at home with this cute and bookish Inn in Taipei. Hej Taipei is known for being isolated from the noise of the neighbors and having a local reading corner that guests frequent.

Located in Daan district, 1.1 miles from Tonghua Street Night Market and 100m from MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Subway Station, this inn has a cute reading corner with bookshelves for guests to spend time in. The rooms are well isolated and away from the noise of the tenants and sharing area. For guests visiting the city on business, the inn has work facilities such as a business center, a fax machine, and a photocopier free to use anytime.

Whether you’re traveling for work or a nice long weekend, Hej Taipei is an inn that will cater to all of your needs.
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12. Stay Inn

Stay Inn is located in the beautiful and fun district of Zhongshan in Taipei City. With its convenient location only a walk away from most stations and city landmarks, it is a recommended accommodation according to locals.

Only a 3-minute walk from MRT Shuanglian Station and 850m from the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, this inn features a morning and night market, an immersing bar street, and nearby tourist attractions that guests would love to see. The property is in a quieter area away from Ximen, yet easy enough to find and get into. The night market has a memorable restaurant offering traditional Taiwanese cuisine, and delicious snacks can be found around the stall.

Overall, there is so much to do in the district of Zhongshan, especially when you’re near Ximen’s markets. Stay Inn makes this all possible by being in the center of the must-see places in Zhongshan.
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13. American Village Resort

Looking for an American-style inn in Taipei that is private and catered to families? Consider staying at American Village Resort. This gorgeous house offers a complete weekend trip experience in Taiwan.

Located in the Shilin district, about 2.8 miles from Yangmingshan National Park and 7km from Children’s Recreation Center, this inn is an American-style house with a magnificent mountain view. It is a nice, friendly, and private space perfect for a short vacation in Taipei. The spacious background is great for a small group of people here for a getaway trip, with an outdoor barbecue area for guests to use.

Invite your whole family and friends the next time you plan a family gathering, eat your lunch in the wide backyard area, and gaze at the beauty of Taipei’s surrounding nature back at American Village Resort.
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14. I Play Inn TP

I Play Inn TP in Taipei offers a plethora of private rooms and dormitory rooms for use. This accommodation is recommended for those here on business and travelers taking quick trips in and out of the city.

Located in Wanhua district, only a 5-minute walk from MRT Xiamen Station and 500m from Taipei Prefecture Capital North Gate, this inn is an affordable place to stay near Ximending with shared dormitory-type rooms. Featuring a terrace with city views, the free WiFi that covers the entire property is strong enough for guests to work inside the inn. There is also a coin-operated washing machine on-site for convenience. A shared lounge and games room are also free to use for guests wanting to mingle with locals and fellow lodgers.

Book your stay at I Play Inn TP and experience Taipei through the gift of the local people.
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15. Mei Lodge

If you’re looking for accommodation near Ximending Night Market and all the other Taipei tourist attractions, consider staying at Mei Lodge in Taipei. It features a prominent location while making travel to different parts of the city easier.

Located in Wanhua district, only a 3-minute walk from MRT Ximen Station and 650m from Bopiliao Zhongshan Hall, this inn has the Ximending Night Market right outside its doors and the landlord suggests visiting the area once or twice during your stay. There is ease of travel to different parts of the city and some known places of interest. Mei Lodge is discrete but considered quite a charming lodging, perfect for a minimum of 4 nights stay.

Once you get bored of the local tours, it is only a 5-minute walk to Ximending Shopping Area where you can fill your pockets with tons of Taipei souvenirs.
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16. Red Cabin Inn

Indulge in the comfortable and sweet cabin made for couples here at Red Cabin Inn. This accommodation is a real value for money, recommended for couples wanting a trip far from the city.

Located in Wanhua district, only a 5-minute walk from MRT Ximen Station and 650m from Armed Forces Museum, Red Cabin Inn is the perfect place for staying a couple of nights. The property is very comfortable and the location is accessible to almost every nearest train and shopping area in Wanhua. For those on a vegetarian diet, there is a nearby restaurant that serves delicious and unique vegetarian Taiwanese cuisine.

Ultimately, a very pleasant inn for a romantic trip outside the chaotic city but still within reach of its main places of interest.
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17. Place Inn Taipei

Featuring rooms in a unique BnB style, Place Inn Taipei is a one-of-a-kind accommodation in the city that offers a more local experience to guests.

Located in Zhongshan district, around 1.2 miles from Ningxia Night Market and 900m from Rongxing Garden Park, this inn has rooms in a residential building, so the entire accommodation has a bed and breakfast feel to it as opposed to your regular hotels. Place Inn Taipei also features lots of shops that sell desserts and pastries, as well as food places selling both Taiwanese and Japanese food options. The property is non-smoking with air-conditioned rooms and a paid airport shuttle service can be arranged if needed.

Place Inn Taipei is a unique inn perfect for solo travelers looking for a longer stay to make the trip feel more local.
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18. Art Inn

Art Inn offers spacious rooms for at least 3 people, so this accommodation has been a go-to value-for-money inn in Taipei for small families and groups of friends.

Located in Wanhua district, only a 10-minute walk from The Red House and 600m from Railway Department Park, Art Inn is close to several well-known attractions and within walking distance to the frequented family parks as well. It features large family rooms and free WiFi throughout the property so guests won’t get bored if they have to stay in the accommodation all day. One of the inn’s highlights is the interior design for the rooms that help express local Taiwanese customs through paintings and patterned pillowcases.

If you want to surround yourself with Taiwanese décor to feel more authentic, book a stay at Art Inn in Taipei and get mesmerized by the culture and architecture the inn has.
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19. Longshan Inn

Another inn in Taipei that has an excellent location is the Longshan Inn. This accommodation has been widely praised for being in arm’s reach with the city’s biggest and most notable attraction, the Longshan Temple.

Located in Wanhua district, a 5-minute walk from Huaxi Street Night Market and 200m from Bangka Park, Longshan Inn is a great option for the holidays or a city break. The deluxe rooms have a spectacular view of Longshan temple, which is located just in front of the inn. The dazzling temple view from the rooms is one of the top reasons people book this inn every chance they get, and it is an excellent value for money when you can exchange small private rooms for a quick trip to one of Taiwan’s beloved attractions.

The abundance of street stalls and the atmosphere of the night market can make you forget the hectic city life and let you return to the countryside here at Longshan Inn.
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20. Forward Suites I

Staying at Forward Suites I in the Banqiao district is an experience everyone needs to have at least once in their life. The business district in Taipei has lots of fancy attractions and is close to historical places of interest as well.

Located in Banqiao District, a 4-minute drive from FE21 Far Eastern Department Store and 450m from The Lin Family Mansion and Garden, Forward Suites I is an inn that rests at the heart of the business district with a massage service available upon request. Ticketing services and sightseeing can all be arranged by the staff at the tour desk so don’t worry about planning on going by yourself in the city. There is also a chargeable airport shuttle service for guests needing early trips around the city and as for breakfast, there is a buffet readily available at the on-site restaurant.

Forward Suites I being in the Banqiao district paves the way for not just business talk but also for guests to experience how efficient Taipei’s commute is and how far along they are in the rural advancement.
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21. Gorgeous Hot Spring Resort

Looking for a fabulous inn that has a relaxing hot spring like no other in Taipei? Gorgeous Hot Spring Resort is a great stopping place to relax and soak your tiredness away.

Located in Beitou district, only 1.6 miles from New Beitou Hot Spring and 250m from Beitou Museum, this inn features large rooms with a nice bathtub for weary guests to use. Gorgeous Hot Spring Resort is an inn that is considered to be a nice place to relax in the district if you’re planning to go off to visit the famed Museums in the city. If you need to visit the museums early in the morning, the inn has a free scheduled shuttle service from the MRT Beidou Station to the MRT New Beitou Station.

Because of its closeness to the local places of interest and its relaxing hot baths, the Gorgeous Hot Spring Resort is more than a perfect choice for a detour.
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22. Taipei Hua Zhung Campsite

If you’re staying in the city but want a more unique accommodation experience, try booking a weekend at Taipei Hua Zhung Campsite. This resort is a great place to go camping with family and friends.

Located in Wanhua district, only 1.5 miles from Taipei Botanical Garden and 1.3 km from Taipei Youth Park, this resort village is an easy camping spot that takes advantage of whatever the city has. Guests can buy extra meat and drinks at the convenience store and take them via Uber to the resort. The area is a great place to go camping with children, even if you’re only a beginner camper. It is also a good place for guests with pets since the area is so vast, that pets are allowed to roam freely in the grass.

Hotels are nice to stay in for luxury, but resorts like Taipei Hua Zhung Campsite will make your weekend or your entire summer the most unique experience.
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23. Spring City Resort

Guests who want to be in a lovely resort with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden can opt to stay at Spring City Resort in Taipei. Aside from its welcoming name, this accommodation is regarded as a go-to place in the district for hot spring baths.

Located in Beitou district, only 0.6 miles from Beitou Thermal Valley and 800m from Ketagalan Culture Centre, this resort features tatami rooms for the whole family. Additionally, there is also an in-room private onsen for guests to enjoy especially on those cold nights. The outdoor hot spring is the highlight of the resort and the main reason why guests keep rebooking the place.

Booking a week or two in Spring City Resort gives you a one-of-a-kind experience in Beitou.
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24. MU House

Another notable option for travelers who prefer a more hassle-free trip is the MU House in Taipei. This cozy accommodation is an impressive place in the Taipei Main Station area.

Located in Zhongzheng district, only 0.6 miles from the Presidential Office Building and 400m from the National Taiwan Museum, this homestay is in the middle of a very relaxed and comfy environment. The feel-at-home vibes it gives is only one of the many advantages it has over its fellow homestays. The TV in each room has a free subscription to Netflix and is free of charge, whereas the homestay encircled by nearby train stations makes exploration of the city easier than most.

Overall, MU House is another great value-for-money homestay that is both simple and suitable for small family trips.
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25. Olala Lin Suites

Travelers who are in Taipei to indulge in the night markets are more than welcome to stay in Olala Lin Suites. This accommodation is right outside the famous Nanya night market, making your trip to the city busier than ever.

Located in Banqiao district, a 4-minute walk from Nanya Night Market and 250m from The Lin Family Mansion and Garden, this guesthouse has an elevator and free WiFi throughout the property. Each room has a desk and a flat-screen TV, with select rooms featuring a terrace overlooking the beautiful views of the neighborhood. But the highlight of this guesthouse is its proximity to the Nanya Night Market, a lesser-known market that is famed for its vibrant street scene.

Next time you’re visiting the district of Banqiao, feel free to take a look at Nanya Night Market and stuff yourselves with rows of stinky tofu and chicken soup.
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26. W S Stay

If you’re looking for popular accommodations in proximity to the famed Bopiliao Old Street, have a great weekend getaway at W S Stay in Taipei.

Located in Datong district, only a 7-minute walk from Ningxia Night Market and 450m from Railway Department Park, this guesthouse is a spectacular value-for-money accommodation close to the night market where you’ll be spending most of your time. The staff at the guesthouse are responsive in communicating with guests online, so it's recommended to install the LINE app. Step out of the guesthouse at night and be welcomed by the street lights of Bopiliao Old Street, with its well-preserved streets and traditional shop homes from the Qing period.

Aside from having excellent staff service at W S Stay, this guesthouse provides an easier way to one of Taipei’s most recommended historic districts such as the Bopiliao Old Street.
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27. Spa Spring Resort

Another highly rated accommodation in Taipei known for its relaxing hot springs is the Spa Spring Resort. Unlike its competitors, this place sports an oriental vibe that gives your vacation a cozy yet chic atmosphere.

Located in the Beitou district, only a 5-minute walk from the Beitou Hot Springs Museum and 500m from Ketagalan Culture Centre, this resort is another one in the district that features a relaxing outdoor hot spring pool. Breakfast in the resort is made with love and care and each bite is delicious, a perfect opportunity to taste Vietnam’s breakfast dishes. The property is a bit far from the city, which is great for those wanting a more quiet place to rest their feet.

Aside from the famed hot springs, Spa Spring Resort features rooms that have warm lighting and oriental-style furnishings so guests can relax in style.
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28. Grand View Resort Beitou

The Grand View Resort Beitou offers a unique and extravagant staff service and location that is well suited for those special occasions. Whether it be Valentine's or your anniversary, this accommodation caters to those special moments.

Located in Beitou district, about 150m from Marshal Zen Garden and 20m from Beitou Museum, this resort is a great choice to spend the last day of your Taipei trip. The Taiwanese breakfast is highly recommended and staff give out pineapple cakes for guests to bring back home. After eating, soak in the white sulfur spa available in the resort as you relax and refresh. If you want to make your trip more memorable, the staff can also arrange for photo souvenirs for you to take home.

Get pampered like royalty by professional staff here at Grand View Resort Beitou, and give your special day a very special treat.
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29. Yanmin Hot Spring Resort

Traveling with the whole family has never been this easy at Yanmin Hot Spring Resort, an accommodation in Taipei that caters to whole families and offers a wide array of things to do and most importantly, cuisine to try.

Located in Shilin district, only 2.1 miles from Yangmingshan National Park and 750m from Chung Shan Building, this resort is located near the famed National Park, making the view from the windows such a feast for the eyes. There is afternoon tea full of cakes and tasty beverages available upon request, and the on-site restaurant is always open for business. It is recommended to stay in the newer renovated rooms since it is much nicer and come dinner time, guests will enjoy the excellent service and local dishes.

Overall, Yanmin Hot Spring Resort is a suitable accommodation for friends and family gatherings, with tons of things to do in the neighborhood and a relaxing hot spring bath waiting at home.
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30. Chez Taipei No 5

Lastly, we have the Chez Taipei No 5 accommodation in Taipei. This place offers family rooms that are cheaper than your regular guesthouses and presents a more cozy weekend experience.

Located in Zhongzheng district, about 150m from the Armed Forces Museum and 600m from Taipei Zhongshan Hall, this guesthouse serves as a diamond in the rough in its district. Not being well-known and only a select number of guests returning for the excellent service gives this place a sort of VIP experience. The price is cheaper than your average hotel accommodations, and the environment is spotless, making this guesthouse a great choice for a Taipei trip.

The place is well seated within known places of interest so you can walk out of the small neighborhood and see all the sights that Taipei has to offer.
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You can’t get the same authentic experience staying at a hotel as you would staying at one of Taipei’s unique resorts and inns. So grab your tents, order some beef noodle soup, and enjoy the summer festival at the city’s festive night markets. If you can’t book the resorts, the lovely inns around the city will show you a different but equally great experience.
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