Find Your Next Hometown.

In July 2020, I stayed at a vacation rental in Okayama ran by a female Thai host.
It was a log house nestled cozily atop a hill nearby Bizen-Mikado Station, one stop away from Okayama Station.
When I arrived the host came out to meet me, and she told me she had moved to Japan 10 years ago with her husband, and that they run an English language school in Okayama.
While running the school she happened to find this log house and fell in love with it at first sight, so she purchased it and began renting it out to travelers.
"There are 2 rooms, one which was there when we bought the house, and the other which we added together as a family."
The loft bedroom has a small window overlooking a bamboo grove, and this plus the house's charming Asian style bathroom make for a really wonderful room.
I have stayed in over 300 accommodations in my travels, but this one made for a particularly memorable stay.
"Find your next hometown."
is StayList's brand concept.
One of the appeals of vacation rentals is having the chance to get to know the area by conversing with the hosts and staying in some unique rooms.
Then through that the area becomes a place you want to come back to, and you come to regard it as your own hometown.
Travelers around the world are going to find more places that they will come to regard as their own hometowns.
That is the world that I want to create through the services we provide at StayList.