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Top 10 Apartments in Orchard for a Shopper's Paradise

|Erica Abarquez
Orchard, popularly known as Singapore’s foremost and favorite shopping destination, has a history that extends beyond its current reputation for glamour and luxury. Originally, it was a plantation of nutmegs and fruits. The unstoppable development of Orchard Road commenced as it evolved into a crucial route for developing food supplies to burgeoning supermarkets, restaurants, theaters, luxury shops, and coffee shops.

Transformed into a shopping haven, upscale lodgings, and an all-encompassing space for leisure, enjoyment, meetings, well-being, and a paradise for avid shoppers, the revamped New Orchard transformed into an irresistible must-visit attraction in Singapore. An absolute place for fashion enthusiasts, foodies, travelers, or someone seeking a dynamic cityscape enhanced by discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

Explore the excitement of these incredible world-class shopping destinations! Here are 10 apartments in Orchard, Singapore, designed to offer you the perfect mix of shopping relaxation, and explorations while allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

1. Beautiful Studio apartment in Singapore!

If you’re traveling solo in Orchard, Singapore, and seeking a one-bedroom apartment, look no further! The Studio Apartment in Singapore guarantees you a sensational stay, combining safety and convenience.

The Beautiful Studio Apartment is equipped with everything you need making you feel right at home. Its amenities feature a well-equipped kitchen, complete with an oven and microwave, allowing you to prepare your meal while enjoying the mesmerizing Orchard skyline. The cozy bedroom promises you comfort and relaxation.

The furnishings are simple yet create a laid-back atmosphere. It provides you the freedom to explore, contemplate, and discover more about yourself as you explore and visit places nearby such as the Singapore Botanical Gardens and Sands Sky Park.
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2. Greatwood Residence at Devonshire

Have an awesome stay at the Greatwood Residence at Devonshire, where a long stay is recommended because of its excellent amenities making you feel comfortable and never far away from home.

Accommodations feature a wide terrace or a balcony space, where you can see the amazing skyline of the entirety of Orchard. Units include a comfortable lounge area with a flat-screen television streaming, a fully functional kitchen and dining area, and a private bathroom fitted with a hair dryer.

With this spacious unit that has everything you need, it is one of the most recommended places for a long and comfortable stay.
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3. Alocassia Serviced Apartments

Just a few blocks from the MRT station, Alocassia Serviced Apartments welcomes you to experience its spacious accommodation with a complete range of amenities.

The accommodations feature air-conditioning, a one-bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, a dining space, and a comfortable living area with a flat-screen television and free Wi-fi access. You’ll also find a private bathroom complete with clean towels and a hairdryer.

For guests seeking relaxation and a refreshing dip, a delightful pool on-site for the whole family or large groups is available. Plus, a gym is also available for all guests. Ensuring everyone has the perfect opportunity for rejuvenation and unwinding.
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4. Luxury 1Bedroom Apartment in Singapore!

Nestled in Scotts Orchard Singapore, the Luxury Bedroom Apartment in Singapore provides a serene escape for those who crave a peaceful and quiet refuge within the bustling energy of Orchard.

Its clean and well-lit one-bedroom apartment features a fully-equipped kitchen and a private bathroom with fresh towels and toiletries. Guests can enjoy excellent views of Orchard’s towering buildings and skylines while unwinding in the cozy living area, complete with a work desk, television, and internet access.

While staying in this peaceful sanctuary, consider exploring nearby attractions like the Gun Terrace, Singapore Botanical Garden, Palm Valley, and Singapore Art Museum.
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5. Le Grove Serviced Residences

Experience a unique and lively atmosphere at the Le Grove Serviced Residences that surpasses the typical hotel vibe. It provides exceptional service and complete amenities making it one of the outstanding places to rest and explore Orchard, Singapore.

All apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen with cooking amenities, a snug and inviting bedroom, and a cozy living and dining space. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer. For added convenience, a complimentary handy phone with unlimited internet data and local calls is provided. Beyond your room, take delight in the swimming and wading pool, gym, and tennis court facilities.

To keep your visit to Singapore more manageable, you can arrange travel arrangements at the tour desk. Le Grove Serviced Residences offers you a great package where everything you need is perfectly arranged, from comfortable accommodation to free car park services. It’s an experience that goes beyond the typical hotel stay.
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6. Oakwood Studios Singapore

Spoil yourselves at the Oakwood Studios Singapore in Orchard Road. This apartment is perfect for those who love exploring, shopping, and dining out. It offers a relaxing retreat in the lively shopping district of Orchard.

The stylish apartments, with diverse tech-enabled spaces, let you have a work-and-rest balanced vacation. Guests have the flexibility to select various room options based on their preferences, including a beautiful balcony, lively outdoor spaces, modern kitchen amenities, home entertainment appliances, a private bathroom, and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Splurge and have the ultimate deal and make the most of your stay in the Orchard.
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7. Shangri-La Apartments

Shangri-La Apartments is one of the top places for short-term accommodation due to its proximity to shopping malls and convenient access to public transport and major attractions. Despite its higher cost, this apartment in Orchard ensures a comfortable stay with its excellent amenities.

The accommodation comprises a living and dining space with a flat-screen television and a personal safe. Additionally, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to the convenience of preparing your meals. For added comfort and well-being, a spa pool and steam room is available.

For the utmost convenience, the superb staff can assist you with grocery delivery, babysitting, tour recommendations, and airport shuttle. With these extra perks, you’re not just getting a place to stay - you’re getting an awesome deal.
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8. Beautiful 2Bedroom apartment in Singapore!

The Beautiful 2-bedroom Apartment in Singapore is perfect for families seeking a place to stay in Orchard, Singapore, boasting an excellent location close to the MRT station.

This apartment in Orchard provides an immaculate two-bedroom space, complete with a living and dining area and a fully equipped kitchen including a microwave oven and toaster. Enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, free internet access, and a flat-screen television.

The perfect spot is simple yet has everything you need for a relaxing stay in Orchard. Explore nearby attractions like the National Orchid Garden, and Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery Singapore, or shop at the exquisite ION Orchard Mall.
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9. Lanson Place Winsland, Singapore

The Lanson Place Winsland in Singapore is located on Penang Road, Orchard in Singapore. The place is popular for its perfect place for short and long-term accommodation for shop till you drop experience. Its strategic location ensures easy access to shopping, dining, and transportation amenities.

Although the apartment is a bit small, you can be assured of its exceptional cleanliness. It is fully furnished and includes a living room with a flat-screen television, a workstation with an iPod dock, and a coffee or tea maker. Additionally, you have the option to select units with a kitchenette and clothes dryer, providing the comforts of a home.

With easy access to shopping malls and transportation, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated with its nature-inspired interior design.
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10. Orchard Point Serviced Apartments

If you’re looking for a simple apartment with delightful surprises, consider staying at the Orchard Point Service Apartments. It offers a reprieve from costly hotel accommodations without compromising on your convenience and comfort and is ideal for extended stays.

Each apartment is designed for spacious comfort, offering unit options suitable for solo visitors or families with layouts ranging from one to three bedrooms. Additionally, each unit includes a kitchen, a dining area, a washer, and dryer, a flat-screen television, and a DVD player.

If you’re yearning for an extended and delightful stay, or perhaps uncertain about the duration, Orchard Point Serviced Apartment invites you to stay for at least six nights.
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At Orchard Singapore, you’re in for an incredible experience as you uncover the delights of a shopaholic’s paradise. When planning your visit, prioritize your comfort and select a location that aligns with your travel goals. These apartments promise to enhance your experience and ensure that every moment is extraordinary and unforgettable.
Erica Abarquez
Born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines, known for its creative nature, she draws inspiration to travel around the country and around the world. Her travel adventures aimed to indulge love of nature, beaches, landscapes while also seeking the untapped artistic potential of each place she visited including accommodations that she sees as a portal to a great adventure.

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