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Plan Your Next Family Vacation at Hong Kong's Top 30 Bed and Breakfasts

|Marianne Luz Molo
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated territories in the world, and looking for a place to stay within the crowded city might ruin your overall experience. With these bed and breakfast options, you and your family can stay at the mesmerizing islands that overlook the chaotic city.

Hong Kong, a special administrative region in China, was once populated by farming and fishing villages. Now, it is one of the most significant financial centers and commercial ports. Located on China's southern coast, on the east side of the Pearl River Estuary, the region is surrounded by hills, mountains, and a diverse ecosystem. Some of the many attractions of this city are the beloved Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and The Big Buddha. If you have money to burn, the city is known for being a paradise for shopaholics. Whichever district you go to or whichever island you stay in, there are a plethora of shops that sell Hong Kong-specific souvenirs.

We recommend you visit during the Autumn in one of the many highlighted bed and breakfasts outside the main city, to fully enjoy the stable weather and atmosphere of the islands.

1. Bellagio Pets Friendly Resort

Located on Lamma Island of Hong Kong, the Bellagio Pets Friendly Resort offers guests a perfect pet-friendly resort in one of Hong Kong’s most beloved islands.

Only 3.7 miles from Ocean Park and 50m from Hung Shing Yeh Beach, this resort is an ideal hideout for those looking for a Hong Kong island experience. The accommodation is directly on the beach so guests can wake up and have coffee on the spacious balcony, all while overlooking the sea. The resort is also known for have great hospitality and excellent staff service, with all staff treating the guests with love and care so they may leave the island with a wonderful experience.

Situated outside the chaotic city, Bellagio Pets Friendly Resort is a great beachside holiday accommodation for the family and Lamma Island is just as great to explore with your dogs.
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2. B & B Cheung Chau

Located close to the beautiful Cheng Chau Ferry Pier, the B&B Cheung Chau homestay in Hong Kong is a brilliant resort on the amazing Cheung Chau Island.

Within 50m of Tung Wan Beach, this bed and breakfast offers clean and spacious rooms. The staff are very welcoming and will offer complimentary drinks inside the room fridge. The bed and breakfast is only a 2-3 minute walk from the ferry terminal, making going in and out of the island so convenient. Cheung Chau Island is an amazing area in Hongkong and this accommodation is highly recommended for guests who want to stay overnight on the island.

The stay is made cozy by the guests and of course, the seaside view from outside the windows. Like Bellagio Resort, B&B Cheung Chau is another great beach vacation in one of Hong Kong’s beloved islands.
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3. Alhambra Bed & Breakfast

At the end of our trips, we want the last commute in the city to be hassle-free. Alhambra Bed & Breakfast is situated right in the city center and surrounded by public transit, making your last trip in Hong Kong efficient and stress-free.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, a 12-minute walk from Mira Place 2 and 100m from Temple Street, this bed and breakfast is good for one night if you’re on a limited budget and hoping to catch the last train out of the city. The cost is easy on your wallet and the convenient location makes it so that it is near the main street and the known bus stops.

Alhambra Bed & Breakfast isn’t as extravagant as your island resorts, but what it does offer is the utmost convenience and efficiency amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Spend your last night in Hong Kong somewhere cozy like Alhambra.
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4. National Inn

National Inn in Hong Kong offers a different experience to guests in terms of the holiday atmosphere. This homestay is best booked during the winter months so you can fully enjoy the hot showers and hot street food in the night markets.

Located in Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 5-minute walk from Mira Place 1 and 550m from Kowloon Park, this homestay is an excellent value-for-money homestay in the district. For food trips, there are plenty of cheap food places within a 10-minute walking distance from the homestay. Guests love coming to this district with their foodie friends just to indulge in Hong Kong’s street cuisine and experience the spice of Asia during Winter.

Make sure you take advantage of the snowy night to visit the nearby Kowloon Park for a romantic and cozy Christmas holiday experience.
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5. Live Pop Inn

One of the most convenient inns for tourists to experience leisure, entertainment activities, and shopping experiences is the Live Pop Inn homestay in Hong Kong.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 9-minute walk from Kowloon Park and 300m from Astor Plaza Garden, this homestay is in the thick of shopping centers and scenic spots. One noteworthy place is the beloved Kowloon Park, frequented by locals and tourists. This homestay is regarded as one of the best homestays in the city for travelers on a budget. High-end hotels can be very expensive, so homestays like Live Pop Inn can help you save money whilst helping you become closer to the locals and ordinary people.

The best thing about staying in Live Pop Inn is the fellow travelers in the accommodation who have the most interesting travel stories.
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6. Fong Che Ho Hau Summer House

If you’re looking to stay at a lovely guesthouse that offers a homey feel in Hong Kong, Fong Che Ho Hau Summer House invites you to the gorgeous Cheung Chau Island.

Located right in the middle of the island, an 8-minute walk from Kwun Yam Beach and 50m from Pak She Back Street Garden, this guesthouse is a one-of-a-kind accommodation situated on a literal island. Most accommodations in Cheung Chau are fancy hotels and resorts, but for those simple folks, this guesthouse offers the same island experience as those hotels. The rooms are lovely and there is an amazing sea view from the balcony. There are barbecue facilities available up on the terrace for guests to use during their sunset parties.

Fong Che Ho Hau Summer House is a nice escape from the city, waking up to the sound of the sea waves crashing on the beach is an experience you cannot pass up.
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7. Toronto Inn

Located quite close to the Victoria Harbor and the famed Canton Street, the Toronto Inn is a haven for tourists visiting Hong Kong’s tourist spots and other places of interest.

Directly inside Yau Tsim Mong District, a 7-minute walk from Harbour City and 450m from the Hong Kong Museum of Art, this guesthouse is a perfect place to stay if you want to view the iconic skyline and visit the collection of fishing villages in the harbor. In this area, guests can experience a free history lesson on how a mere fishing village rose and grew to become an international trading center that is Hong Kong. After overlooking the city from the Victoria Harbour skyline, walk right into the famed Canton Road to visit the huge sports centers.

When coming back from the busy tour, feel free to shop at Jenny Cookies which is just outside the guesthouse for some delicious Hong Kong delights.
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8. Pearl Premium Guest House

Pearl Premium Guest House in Hong Kong is one of the top recommended guesthouses to stay in the chaotic city. Sanitary, value for money, and right in the heart of the famed Nathan Road.

Unlike its neighboring competitors, the guesthouse prioritizes cleanliness and sanitation in the middle of a crowded district so there is a daily cleaning of facilities and a change of all guest towels. It is also a good value-for-money guesthouse in the city with fees much lower than your average guesthouse in the city center. The location is also very convenient, with the guesthouse being near the metro and bus stations that pass directly to the airport.

If you have time in your busy schedule, head outside to visit Nathan Road and shop til you drop.
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9. Studio Stay

Studio Stay guesthouse in Hong Kong offers the same type of experience as the other guesthouses in the district, except this guesthouse caters to mostly solo travelers for its tidy and cost-effective experience.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 2-minute walk from Mira Place 2 and 400m from Signal Hill Garden, this guesthouse has a friendly staff that treats you like a family member in their house. Solo traveling in a busy city like Hong Kong can be intimidating, but with staff that will help guide you through the area and the guesthouse being in Tsim Shai Tsui, you will always feel at home while traveling. Tsim Sha Tsui is a must-visit shopping and nightlife district in Kowloon and the memories you make in this place are unlike any other.

For a guesthouse in the heart of the city, Studio Stay might be the best accommodation in the area.
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10. Hong Kong CoLiving Space

Hong Kong CoLiving Space guesthouse in Hong Kong is a hidden gem in the center of the famous nightlife district. Staying here for even one night will garner you many friends and many memorable moments.

Located in Yau Tsim Mong district, only a minute walk from MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station and 500m from Kowloon Park, this guesthouse is another good choice for a budget stay in the city. What makes this place stand out and in the top 10 recommended guesthouses is its location in Tsim Sha Tsui. This vibrant shopping district is a delight to all, shopaholics or not. There are plenty of Desi food you can try and at every corner, you can find people speaking Hindi and Urdu which makes it great for immersing in different cultures.

Spend the night in Tsim Sha Tsui, conversing with your newfound friends, and be part of Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife right here at Hong Kong CoLiving Space guesthouse.
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11. Hong Kong Tai San Guest House

Another perfect place to settle down for a few days and enjoy the museums is the Hong Kong Tai San Guest House. If you are ever in the city to visit the recreation museums, this guest house is the one for you.

Located in Kowloon, only a 3-minute walk from Mira Place 2 and 400m from Hong Kong Space Museum, this guesthouse has a hassle-free check-in and check-out process. The staff are efficient and fast in letting guests settle in their rooms while taking care of last-minute bookings from others. The clean facilities and excellent staff service are just one of many features that make guests rebook the guesthouse, another is its proximity to the Hong Kong Space Museum. For astronomy enthusiasts, the Hong Kong Space Museum is a sight to behold with its space exhibitions and astronomy carnivals.

Hong Kong Tai San Guest House may be small and it's not as extravagant as your usual homestay but when you’re spending most of your time in the nearby museums, it is the perfect place to rest your feet at the end of the day.
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12. Majestic 7 Guesthouse

The Majestic 7 Guesthouse in Hong Kong is the ultimate homestay for making a quick trip to the famed Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, one of the city’s permanent historical museums.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, only a 4-minute walk from iSquare Shopping Center and 300m from Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, this guesthouse is just a drive away from the public exhibition. For any fans of Chinese culture and arts, they are familiar with the Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art which is filled with Chinese historical artifacts dating from the various dynasties that have formed the city today. This heritage museum has six different themed galleries that regularly host exhibitions that showcase treasures and antiques from China.

If you haven’t been to the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, history fan or not, the exhibitions in the cultural center are worth the trip.
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13. Park Guesthouse

Surrounded by known stations that make traveling around the city easier, Park Guesthouse in Hong Kong is another accommodation that combines efficiency with a value-for-money property.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 6-minute walk from MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station and 200m from Signal Hill Garden, this guesthouse features air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi across the property. The moment you step inside the property, cozy rooms decorated in deep teal curtains and dark blue bedsheets greet you with the scent of luxury. The property is within a chaotic city in the middle of a busy district, but the guesthouse itself makes it feel like you’re above all of that. The flowers that adorn each nightstand and the warm lighting from the lamps secure you tightly until you drift away to sleep, preparing you for the next day.

Coziness is a luxury to be found in only a handful of accommodations in the city center, and Park Guesthouse excels in that area.
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14. I Top Guesthouse

Just 6 minutes away from Harbour City you will find a small and cozy guesthouse that shoppers tend to stay at, I Top Guesthouse in Hong Kong.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only 250m from Hong Kong Space Museum, this guesthouse features air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom and free WiFi for the entire property. There is a 24-hour front desk to voice your concerns and a currency exchange system for tourists. Each room has a flat-screen TV and a safety deposit box for those carrying valuable items on the trip. The highlight of this guesthouse is the mini market available within the property itself. Grocery shopping while on your trip is made easy at this market and for tourists, there is a sightseeing tour being held near the guesthouse.

Some might choose the vibrant nightlife or the busy walk through Nathan Road, but I Top Guesthouse appeals to weary travelers who are only in Hong Kong for a good night’s sleep and possibly the tranquil atmosphere that the locals provide.
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15. New London Hostel

At the New London Hostel in Hong Kong, you will have the opportunity to stay at a guesthouse within the famous Chung King Mansion. Book a trip with your family and spend the entire weekend exploring the mansion and the nearby tourist spots.

Located in Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 2-minute walk from Ocean Terminal and 400m from Haiphong Road Children’s Playground, this guesthouse is surrounded by lots of good restaurants and in proximity to the metro station and ferry so getting around won’t be a problem. The guesthouse is surrounded by tourist spots such as the Avenue of Stars and the Victoria Harbour so you won’t run out of things to do here. Each airconditioned rooms are fitted with a satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Book the weekend at the New London Hostel and walk around the famed Chung King Mansion, the sights you’ve never seen before right here in Hong Kong.
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16. Australia Lounge

The Australia Lounge in Hong Kong is one of the top locations to stay in the city because of its prime location in the center and convenient access to one of the superb places of interest, the Avenue of Stars.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 10-minute walk from Avenue of Stars and 450m from Kowloon Park W Gate, this guesthouse is right near MTR and a few walks away from Avenue of Stars and K11. This is a great choice for a guesthouse if you want to travel around mainland Hong Kong and access the ferry to go straight to the islands. It is a good value-for-money guesthouse that is in a prime location in the city.

We sometimes want luxury in homestays but one of the most important features an accommodation should have is the height of efficiency. And Australia Lounge excels in that by being in the center of the major places of interest in Hong Kong.
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17. European Hostel

The European Hostel, known for being amid Tsim Sha Tsui, is a guesthouse offering cozy and comfortable accommodations to guests traveling for work.

Located in Yau Tsim Mong district, a 45-minute drive away from Hong Kong International Airport and 500m from Kowloon Park, this guesthouse is in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Offering cozy and comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, the property has everything you need for working on the go. There is a personal safe to keep your important documents and fax/photocopying facilities ready to use. If you need to go on a quick trip to the business center, the guesthouse also offers a car rental service for your added convenience.

Not all trips are vacation trips, so if you’re ever in Hong Kong for business, make sure to book the European Hostel to make your stay as cozy and relaxing as you need.
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18. Dreamland Guest House

Are you looking for a place to stay near the famous Harbor while still within walking distance of the Hong Kong skyline? Dreamland Guest House never fails to provide the most scenic view of the Victoria Harbour and the famed Star Ferry, all in the comfort of your rooms.

Located in the Kowloon city district, approximately 500m from Kowloon Park and 200m from Salisbury Garden, this guesthouse is quite close to the MRT and known shopping malls. The owners are nice and friendly to tourists and visiting locals. They offer exceptionally clean rooms while staff helps with minor things like food delivery and such. The guesthouse boasts a walking distance from the Hong Kong skyline view of Victoria Harbour and the Star Ferry.

If you’re a fan of sightseeing, Dreamland Guest House makes this task hassle-free without going through the pain of riding cramped trains and buses.
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19. Espace Elastique B&B

Experience Lantau Island by lodging in Espace Elastique B&B, right outside Hong Kong. Another fantastic bed and breakfast situated on one of the lovely islands of the city.

Located on Lantau Island, precisely 5.6 miles from Tian Tan Buddha and 300m from Rest Garden, this bed and breakfast is filled with lovely staff and rooms that have efficient heating systems for those cold island nights. A dehumidifier is also available in each room during the winter months. In the very center of Tai O, the rooms in this bed and breakfast are nice, spacious, and clean. It has great accessibility from the main stations and bus stops, while guests are made aware of the check-in procedures before they even set foot in the accommodation.

Espace Elastique B&B is a top-pick bed and breakfast option when visiting the historic fishing village that is Tai O, a hidden area on the island. Come far away from the grand monotonous hotels and spend your trip completely submerged in Hong Kong’s island culture.
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20. Oasis Apartments

If you are looking for a cheap guesthouse in the city with a cheerful staff and comfortable beds, perfect for a quick stay, consider Oasis Apartments in Hong Kong.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, a 12-minute walk from MTR Jordan Station and 200m from Waterloo Road, this guesthouse is near the hyped place of interest that is the Ladies Nightmarket. The nights can get a bit monotonous in the city after visiting all the museums and the Buddha temples, the Ladies’ Nightmarket in the district will lift your spirits as you shop until your bags are full. This night market sells both ladies' and men’s goods and is located on Tung Choi Street, it is an area where locals frequent to get the best deals of the week and is regarded by tourists as a fun social experience to be part of Hong Kong’s market life.

After running out of things to do, visit the Ladies’ Nightmarket on your last night in the city to buy souvenirs and catch up on some last-minute fun.
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21. Manila Lounge

Enjoy a quaint guesthouse in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, where Manila Lounge prides itself on being close to famous tourist spots and the local MTR, making access in and out of the city hassle-free.

Located in Kowloon city district, 200m from Salisbury Garden and 500m from Kowloon Park, this guesthouse has approachable staff and a friendly host that will make your stay feel like home. The staff are also nice enough to rebook rooms that were misplaced through online booking, a luxury you usually don’t see in this type of business. Despite the average-looking area, Manila Lounge offers a good option for a short stay in the district.

If you’re a traveler on the go, wanting to make the most of your trip to set foot in all of Hong Kong’s places of interest, Manila Lounge is an excellent choice for a homestay.
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22. The Cove Hostel

Another vacation option exclusively for people who love hiking the mountain trails is The Cove Hostel in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. This vacation home is everything you need for an island getaway, from the wonderful beach nearby to the savory seafood lunches.

Located on Lantau Island, a 4-minute walk from Tong Fuk Beach and 100m from The Curry Muncher Restaurant, this vacation home is a great value-for-money homestay in one of the city’s beloved islands. The vacation home is a quiet place that is in close quarters to Tong Fuk Beach and serves as a great getaway from the noise of the crowded city.

The hiking trail nearby is just another welcome addition to the vacation home, so feel free to use it to experience Lantau Island’s environs.
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23. Hyatt Regency Hong Kong

The Hyatt Regency Hong Kong resort, located in the most populous administrative district, makes it possible for whole families to relax during their weekend trip.

Located in Sha Tin district, only a 5-minute drive to Hong Kong Science Park and 350m from Ma Ling Path Rest Garden, this resort offers a delicious cup of hot coffee for breakfast as a courtesy of the staff. There is a sauna ready to use and an exceptionally clean pool. Guests keep coming back to this resort mainly because of the spacious rooms and a nice view of the district. The resort is big enough for a family and the kids can also enjoy the view of Sha Tin from the windows.

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong is generally a great resort to treat yourself after a year of hard work, with the rooms having a beautiful view of Victoria Harbor.
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24. Hung Fai Guest House

This guesthouse in Hong Kong is near the famed Nathan Road and the vibrant Temple Street Night Market. One of the many interesting places within the area is just outside this budget-friendly accommodation.

Located in Kowloon city district, a 10-minute walk from Kowloon Park and 20m from Style Dishes Restaurant, this guesthouse is a unique choice to book your last night in the city. Enjoy the first few days in the shopping-crazed street of Nathan Road and spend your last night buying trinkets at the night market. If none of these activities pique your interest, the guesthouse is a short walk from a variety of eateries, shopping outlets, and public transport if you want to explore the farther ends of Kowloon.

This guesthouse can offer an exciting and memorable stay in Hong Kong mainly with guests interacting with the people and supporting their local businesses.
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25. Metrocity Lounge

From the stunning views of the clock tower to the mesmerizing views of Kowloon, Metrocity Lounge guesthouse never fails to deliver a memorable experience to its guests.

Located in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon, only a 10-minute walk from Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier and 450m from the Clock Tower, this guesthouse features clean rooms and a caring host. It is a good place to temporarily leave your things during the day to go exploring and come back to rest for a night or two. The guesthouse is in a good location surrounded by stalls that sell traditional curry, a great opportunity to sample the city’s spicy cuisine.

The guesthouse is more suited for male solo travelers visiting Kowloon so if you fit the criteria, Metrocity Lounge might be the guesthouse for you.
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26. Modern

Located roughly close to the Star Ferry Terminal, the Modern guesthouse in Hong Kong is close to relevant places in Tsim Sha Tsui. For a relatively cheap guest house, its location is a prime feature.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 3-minute walk from Star Ferry Terminal and 400m from Kowloon Park Banyan Court, this guesthouse is another great choice for guests wanting to visit the Star Ferry Terminal. The Star Ferry Pier is one of the many interesting places in the district and is recommended by locals to check out at least once during your trip. This tourist attraction is open to the public and is a passenger ferry service so interested guests can see where the ferry starts and stops in its journey.

There are a lot of things to do in Hong Kong and if it means staying in a budget-friendly accommodation to experience the unique sights of the city, then the trip is well worth it.
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27. Tai O Heritage Hotel

This heritage resort in Hong Kong is authentically unparalleled to its other competitors in Lantau Island. Tai O Heritage Hotel offers guests a stay in a historical building on one of the city’s beloved islands.

Located on Lantau island, approximately 850m from Tai O Good View Seafood Restaurant and Kiosk HKG Restaurant, this resort is a historical building away from the crowdedness of Hong Kong. It has nice hiking trails around to explore more places of interest on the island and is considered a great opportunity to experience and see the different cultures of Tai O. There is a simple breakfast every morning but it leaves a long-lasting impression if you choose to eat at the on-site restaurant, mostly because of the gorgeous view of the island from the restaurant as well.

Tai O Heritage Hotel has a lot more to offer in terms of a holiday island resort, and the best way to experience all of them is to book a trip to Lantau Island and check it off the list.
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28. Kowloon Mongkok 1812 Guest House

The Kowloon Mongkok 1812 Guest House in Hong Kong offers a cheap and convenient stay in the heart of Mong Kok. For shopaholics particularly looking to buy their way into the district, this guesthouse might just be the choice for you.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 5-minute walk from Mong Kok Metro Station and 50m from Changsha Street Sitting-out Area, this guesthouse is another great option to be surrounded by nearby restaurants and local markets. The staff speaks fluent English and is very efficient and quick to respond to any minor inconvenience you may have. The property is located in the heart of Mong Kok, so it's suitable to travel around without getting lost.

Kowloon Mongkok 1812 Guest House is a perfect choice for travelers flying on a budget as it is budget-friendly and the service and facilities are just what you will need for a week's stay.
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29. Apple Hostel

The Apple Hostel in Hong Kong is an ideal guesthouse option for first-time Hong Kong visitors. For those who are inexperienced with the city’s ins and outs and those flying solo, this guesthouse will make your trip less intimidating and more memorable.

Located in the Yau Tsim Mong district, only a 2-minute walk from Ocean Terminal and 300m from Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Podium Garden, this guesthouse is another great value-for-money hostel turned guesthouse. The rooms are cleaned periodically and the staff are as friendly as they come. The location is also just outside the waterfront and offers stunning views of Victoria Harbor.

Grant Apple Hostel the blessing of being your first Hong Kong experience to set a great standard for future trips to come.
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30. Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

The Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong is another beautiful resort on Lantau Island. What makes this one special is it used to be a famous luxury hotel turned resort and offers its services at an affordable price.

Located on Lantau island, a 15-minute drive from Discovery Bay Golf Club and 350m from Central Park, this resort accommodation is one of the many reasons guests keep rebooking the place for the summer. From the mountain view from the resort to the well-equipped gym downstairs, this place is the prime of hotel-turned resorts. Hong Kong Disneyland is also accessible from here so if you’re traveling with family, feel free to visit on specific days when the place is open. The resort has a delicious breakfast buffet that guests all love and locals all recommend.

Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong is a beautiful getaway destination if you want to book somewhere outside the crowded city, experience Hong Kong’s secluded islands, and rest in a peaceful resort.
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From the famous Hong Kong Disneyland to the massive Ocean Park, Hong Kong has so much to offer you in terms of entertainment, relaxation, and cultural exposure. So pick an accommodation to stay in, check the weather in advance to enjoy the sights from the mountain trails of Lantau island, and enjoy the relaxing beaches of the city. If you know a local, it can’t hurt to ask them to accompany you through Nathan Road and make wondrous memories together.
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