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Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Beijing for a Blend of Modern and Traditional Experiences

|Erica Abarquez
Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse cities in the entire world. Everyone can discover comfort, elegance, and an atmosphere full of exciting encounters therein. Beijing, China is renowned for its transition from traditional to opulent hotels.

Staying in a courtyard house, known as “siheyuan” in Chinese is a must-try experience for all travelers wanting to unravel the secrets of China’s history. It is also known for its excellent escape from bustling streets. On top of that, it surely provides an authentic experience of China's culture and art. Beijing offers a wide range of experiences, including more luxurious and contemporary ones. World-class hotels offer their guests a variety of unique and surprising services. One feature that all hotels have in common is their remarkable collections of Chinese artwork. Leisure and relaxation are also at the top of their list.

Whether you’re looking for the authentic Chinese experience of lifestyle and culture or seeking delight from the modern world with an accent of Chinese culture, Beijing is the perfect place to go. It covers all that you need for that perfect adventure. Here are some of the best places to stay in this beautiful city.

1. The Opposite House

Looking for a location that is so lovely, minimalist, and bright? Every visitor would be captivated by the Opposite House Hotel in Beijing. Its spacey charm, the simple yet warm, and homey appeal is designed by one of the most well-known architects in Japan. A blend of Chinese and Japanese elements is all found in one place.

Every room highlights the large windows bringing in abundant natural light enhancing the strikingly simple natural wooden floors accentuated by Chinese decor. Its amenities are complete and super clean. This hotel in Beijing includes incredible and numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping centers around.

Treat yourself to a very comfortable staycation experience in Beijing's loveliest scene and enjoy the benefits of a simple yet sophisticated-looking place that will keep you relaxed and feel fully recharged.
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2. Sofitel Beijing Central

Find comfort and convenience in one of the outstanding hotels of Beijing, the Sofitel Beijing Central.

Visitors are going to enjoy the spacious, beautifully designed rooms that allow them to change the color of the atmosphere with the color wheel light control. In the daytime, a different scene will open up to Beijing’s flourishing metropolis. Rooms are well provided with amenities such as flat-screen television, a mini-bar and a private bathroom. An on-site restaurant provides a wide selection of both Western and Chinese cuisines for enhanced convenience.

Staying at Sofitel Beijing Central will take your vacation to a height of enjoyment and pleasure. Its clean and spacious surroundings, well-provided by the staff, help you have the most amazing time in Beijing.
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3. East Beijing

A favorite place to stay among families with kids is found in Indigo, Jiantai, Beijing. The East Beijing Hotel has all the conveniences that everyone will enjoy. The excellent indoor swimming pool, which draws both children and the young at heart, will provide hours of entertainment for the children.

The hotel features lovely spacious rooms with large windows bringing in natural light and providing the perfect views of Beijing city’s skyline. Each room is provided with a flat-screen television, mini-bar, and safety deposit box. For added relaxation, guests have access to sauna rooms and enjoy music at an onsite bar.

Family vacations are the most fulfilling time-well-spent activity. East Beijing makes it even more special with these exceptional facilities that every family member will appreciate. It simply makes the city of Beijing more amazing and unforgettable.
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4. Stey Sanlitun Boutique Hotel

Are you seeking a pleasant, convenient, and well-designed space, ideally with extras such as a laundry area? The Stey Sanlitum Boutique Hotel not only has a laundry room, but it also reminds you to do your laundry so you may do more while in Beijing.

The apartment features amenities such as a kitchen and dining area. A sun terrace is available along with the shared lounge area to get to know other guests from around the world. Guests are also raving about the workout swing in the apartment that makes their stay more fun.

At the Stey Sanlitun Boutique Hotel, you get the best of the comfort of clean rooms as well as the freshness and cleanliness of your clothes. Take advantage of the apartment's reminder to have the best feeling while around the lovely streets of Beijing. Keep in mind the apartment is close to restaurants and shopping centers so everything is easily accessible.
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5. Family Joy - Deluxe Apartment in Beijing Guomao CBD

Visiting Beijing means getting to experience the best shopping scenes. However, if you want to remain in the most accessible location while strolling through Beijing's hottest retail sector, Wangfujing Street, consider staying at the Family Joy - Deluxe Apartment in Beijing Guomao CBD is 6km away and close to the city's top attractions.

The apartment features air-conditioned accommodations with a terrace showing breathtaking city views. It includes a private bathroom with a hot tub, shower, and free toiletries.

Shopping will be satisfying and full of excitement at the Family Jo-Deluxe Apartment. Make sure to find the finest bargains while the apartment serves as a perfect place of relaxation and leisure from the tiresome yet enjoyable activity of shopping and sightseeing.
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6. New World Beijing Hotel

The New World Hotel Beijing offers a truly lovely site in the center of Beijing, where you can simply explore Beijing's entirety. Staying here instantly transports you to a more marvelous splendor of the city.

With its central location, you can easily go to top tourist attractions, shopping centers and restaurants and find comfort in the perfect amenities that exceed your expectations. Wonderful city views along the large windows envelop your view. To complement the lovely scenes, complete amenities are well provided. Enjoy a relaxing massage or a trip to the sauna. The indoor pool is another fantastic place for guests to relax or work out.

Whether you go around the hotel or outside, there’s always something to discover in Beijing. Let New World offers you the best of both worlds in comfort and exploring Beijing.
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7. SonGy Hotel Beijing-Drum Tower

The serene SonGy Hotel Beijing-Drun Tower raises your level of comfort and convenience in the center of Beijing. It sets the tone for an ideal stay in a homey atmosphere in the Dongcheng District.

All rooms are air-conditioned units, a seating- area, and a private bathroom. Guests can choose breakfast from continental to English. The property has a pretty patio table and fences, making the surroundings homey.

Being able to explore Beijing in such a cozy and comfortable setting is the cherry on top of the city's already stunning landscape. The Songy Hotel's surroundings are ideal for a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Its proximity to popular tourist attractions like the Forbidden City and Temple Heaven make this the ideal location for an unforgettable visit to Beijing.
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8. Stey 798 Art Zone Hotel

Stey 798 Art Zone Hotel features a unique aesthetic minimalist design with its white and grey color scheme. It makes the atmosphere warm and inviting as well as features more than complete amenities perfectly designed to maximize comfort and convenience.

Stey 798 Art Zone Hotel is well-organized. It provides guests with luggage storage and a safety deposit box. Guests can enjoy a private bathroom and perfect city views. The 25-hour front desk services are available, bilingual, and incredibly helpful. For added convenience, a cafe downstairs is easily accessible.

This hotel offers a unique and refreshing approach to travel, with its clean design and thoughtful amenities. It is the perfect place to stay for those who appreciate simplicity and style in the wonderful city of Beijing.
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9. Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Known for its exuding luxury and elegance, the Waldorf Astoria offers timeless sophistication and exceptional service. Guests will be struck with the grandeur and beauty of the space as seen through the high ceilings and intricate artwork that pays homage to China’s rich cultural heritage.

Upon stepping inside, you will be welcomed by impressive rooms incorporating traditional Chinese elements. All rooms are provided with high-end linens and marble bathrooms. More than that, it also features a range of dining options, a fitness center, a sauna spa, and an indoor pool.

A great spot to stay in Beijing for anyone looking to experience more of the city's grandeur. The moment you look at the beauty of the city, Waldorf Astoria makes your stay truly remarkable.
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10. Wanda Vista Beijing

The Wanda Vista Beijing, located in the heart of Beijing's bustling city, provides unrivaled comfort and style. It is one of the most prestigious business groups in China, with a strong reputation for quality and outstanding service.

Rooms and suites are decorated in earth-toned tones with warm lighting, making them welcoming and comfortable. More than its wonderful rooms, it features an indoor heated pool, a sauna, and a free internet connection. Meetings and other events can also be held here, thanks to state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and superb service.

Whether visiting for business or pleasure, the Wanda Vista Beijing makes your stay exceptional and serves as a portal to the exquisite service and local scene culture of Beijing.
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11. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

The Four Seasons Hotel Beijing in the Chaoyang area is a prime location for those looking to see the beauty of Beijing. The hotel is conveniently located near several significant attractions. It's no surprise that it's one of Beijing's most recommended hotels.

It has spacious and nicely designed rooms that are stylishly furnished with high-end linen and amenities. Guests can also enjoy amazing city views. Take advantage of physical activities like fitness clubs, swimming pools, and calming saunas or massages. If you want to rest in the greenery, there is a lovely garden on site for everyone. It also provides ironing and laundry services for your added convenience.

The Four Seasons Hotel Beijing allows you to experience the splendor of Beijing in one location. It offers excellent service and is an excellent starting point for experiencing the gorgeous city.
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12. Cours Et Pavillons

Looking to stay in the distinctive architecture and style of Beijing's famed Courtyard Houses? Look no further, the Cours Et Pavillons in the center of Beijing is the ideal blend of elegance, simplicity, and functionality.

The Courtyard features rooms with air-conditioning that come with a private bathroom and modern facilities and equipment. Although the place is found to be old and traditional, it never goes out of style because all the surroundings, especially the garden are in harmony with one another and continue to attract tourists from all over the world.

Be charmed by the creativity of Chinese culture and experience the lifestyle of the ancient Chinese's enduring legacy. You'll look back and be delighted you played a part by visiting the city's artistic heritage.
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13. The PuXuan Hotel and Spa

A tranquil and elegance in the bustling city of Beijing is offered by the Puxuan Hotel and Spa. Traditional Chinese hospitality gives every guest a chance to experience a unique and unforgettable experience.

Spacious rooms are perfectly decorated with Chinese aesthetics and match the view of the stunning skyline of the city. Each room is provided with a walk-in wardrobe area, televisions, and handcrafted furniture. Dining options are also the first on their list for giving exceptional service. Guests can choose a wide variety from traditional Chinese cuisines to French cuisines.

Staying at the Puxuan gives delight to every traveler wanting to experience elegance and ultimate comfort and sophistication.
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14. Empark Prime Hotel Beijing

The Empark Prime Hotel in Beijing is located on Wangfujing Avenue. The magnificent white edifice never ceases to astound visitors with its stunning architecture that highlights Chinese influences throughout.

The hotel is well-known for its renowned services and great amenities, and it offers spacious rooms that are ideal for guests' comfort and convenience, with all they need. In addition, customers can unwind in the beauty salon, take a bath in the sauna, or work out in the fitness facility. Guests may want to try their signature dishes prepared by the city’s most talented chefs.

In Beijing, there is so much to see and do. Allow Empark Prime Hotel to provide you with the best of both worlds, from discovering the rich cultural legacy to modern entertainment alternatives and unmatched convenience.
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15. This Family Homestay

Harry Potter has captured the hearts of many in the realm of magic. At This Family Stay in Beijing, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the world of Hogwarts wizards while exploring Chinese culture. A fun and exciting way awaits everyone to the culture incorporating fantasy.

The fully equipped kitchen lets visitors cook their meals and snacks much like they would in the wizarding realm of Harry Potter. Also, there are amazing bookshelves and a chessboard available for you to get into the mood of mystical settings. The nicest part of all is when you go to sleep, you are greeted by a luxurious bed that matches the magnificent views of the Beijing cityscape.

Enhance your stay by visiting some of Beijing’s beauty. See the magical surroundings brought to life by This Family Stay, which you and your family will have the most of it.
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16. Qianmen Courtyard Hotel

The Qianmen Courtyard Hotel in Beijing is a destination so full of Chinese architecture and cultural wonders. It boasts oriental decors stimulating Chinese beauty all over the place. It also creates a unique and immersive experience for tourists. Furthermore, its surroundings are pleasant and vibrant. It pleases every traveler to the fullest while providing maximum comfort and convenience.

The rooms are beautifully and meticulously constructed, with Chinese-style wallpaper and antique lights with complete amenities. While relaxing in the lounge area, take in the lovely courtyard and observe the blend of ancient and modern architecture.

Travel back in time with your family and friends. Experience a true Chinese atmosphere and gain a glimpse of China's rich culture and history.
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17. Roy Chen Apartment in Tongzhou District

This lovely Beijing apartment, which is located in the Tongzhou District, is ideal for families looking for a home that is cozy, roomy, and equipped with all the necessities. There is unmistakably a cozy vibe. The natural light from the huge windows enhances the cleanliness and airy environment.

The most distinctive feature of this property is its completely furnished kitchen, which allows you to prepare your meals. Take advantage of the supermarket conveniently located downstairs for fresh food and ingredients. Rooms are well-furnished with clean bedding and plenty of storage space. A private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer are also provided.

If you want to go around the city, you can avail of their bicycle rental services. Little ones will love the play area in the surrounding beautiful park. Make unforgettable memories with your loved ones and explore how warm and friendly the locals are.
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18. Rosewood Beijing

This elegant hotel in Beijing is unmatched for housing some of the most impressive artistic pieces that define Chinese culture all in one place. While giving comfort and luxurious amenities, it sure adds more to making guests completely satisfied and exceeding their expectations.

At the Rosewood Beijing, rooms are elegantly designed. Carefully selected elements and tasteful pieces add to the charm of the rooms. Guests can also chill out in the carefully manicured landscapes and lush gardens and connect with nature. The spa center is also available for everyone wanting to be pampered and rejuvenated.

Staying here is experiencing one of the world’s interesting arts, culture and nature all in one place. This is a must-visit destination for that perfect atmosphere that’s both peaceful and inspiring.
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19. Gracie Art Hotel

Looking for a unique experience in seeking out comfort and art at the same time? Gracie Art Hotel in Beijing is heaven for everyone seeking pieces that make colors and craftsmanship blend. Although it appears to be a standard hotel, it has a variety of creative elements inside that instantly elevate it to something exceptional.

Inside, high ceilings and big windows will welcome you. Rooms are air-conditioned with a mini-bar or coffee and tea facilities. Around the hotel, guests have access to the fitness center and massage services to enjoy.

Finding art in Beijing is a lovely and enjoyable experience. Explore Beijing's splendor for inspiration and a chance to learn more about the thriving current scene via the art of artisans in Beijing.
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20. Bulgari Hotel, Beijing

Located in the city’s prime location, the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing is a haven for luxury and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is near some of the city’s famous landmarks such as the Lama Temple and Forbidden City.

As soon as you step inside the hotel rooms, you will see stunning Italian furnishings that adorn the spacious rooms. All are designed with style and comfort. Guests can enjoy the in-room breakfast upon a 24-hour request and also can avail of the shoeshine services. Aside from these, enjoy both Italian and Chinese cuisine at its finest. And if you need pampering, the hotel spa is the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers traditional Chinese relaxation techniques that no other place can offer.

For those seeking a great and luxurious hotel experience in Beijing, the Bulgari Hotel is one of the best options. Let Bulgari Hotel give you a truly fantastic experience while you explore the city.
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21. Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center

Located in the city’s prime location, the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing is a haven for luxury and offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is near some of the city’s famous landmarks such as the Lama Temple and Forbidden City.

As soon as you step inside the hotel rooms, you will see stunning Italian furnishings that adorn the spacious rooms. All are designed with style and comfort. Guests can enjoy the in-room breakfast upon a 24-hour request and also can avail of the shoeshine services. Aside from these, enjoy both Italian and Chinese cuisine at its finest. And if you need pampering, the hotel spa is the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers traditional Chinese relaxation techniques that no other place can offer.

For those seeking a great and luxurious hotel experience in Beijing, the Bulgari Hotel is one of the best options. Let Bulgari Hotel give you a truly fantastic experience while you explore the city.
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22. The Peninsula Beijing

The Peninsula Beijing Hotel provides every guest with a range of high-quality services and state-of-the-art amenities. Located in the Wangfujing Shopping District, it is the ideal location for opening the door to a vast experience of Beijingers' culture and way of life.

This Beijing hotel offers tastefully decorated rooms with stunning views, as well as amenities including a flat-screen TV, ironing equipment, a private bathroom with a shower, and a dressing room. Additionally, it provides aquatic facilities and exercise centers with elliptical and treadmill machines.

One of the many amazing pieces of Chinese craftsmanship is the hotel's exterior design. It has an impeccable eye for detail without sacrificing the ease and comfort of its visitors. Expect convenience within a central location and well-maintained environment while creating wonderful memories with your family and friends in the lovely city of Beijing.
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23. CHAO Sanlitun Beijing

Stay in an award-winning hotel in Beijing, the Chao Sanlitun Beijing is recognized as the Best Urban Lifestyle Hotel by Conde Nast Traveler Gold List in 2021. It provides luxurious, contemporary lodging, first-rate amenities, and an appreciation for both art and life.

This hotel in Beijing offers a total of 180 guestrooms, with two restaurants, and event spaces. Each room offers beds with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. Guests have access to the exclusive CHAO clubhouse with every night’s stay. The art center is perfect for people wanting to see culture, arts, and design at its fullest.

Offering an unparalleled experience that combines design and exceptional services, the award-winning hotel is perfect for an enjoyable stay in Beijing.
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24. Sunworld Hotel Wangfujing

Sunworld Hotel in Beijing, located in the center of the busy Wangfujing Commercial Center, delights all visitors from across the world. Its ideal location is ideal for discovering Beijing's distinct beauty. Furthermore, the personnel provides a service that is both convenient and inviting.

This Beijing hotel has a modern fitness center and rooms that are attractive, well-kept, and complete. There is a mini-bar and a safety deposit box. Its designs are very apparent; the carpeted floor complements the high-quality furnishings, resulting in an exquisite ambiance.

In addition, guests can take advantage of the day trip services that have been organized for a stress-free tour of Beijing. In this way, it will be easy to make wonderful memories while exploring the wonders of the city.
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25. Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel

Wanting to stay in a homestay in Beijing that allows you to learn about China's history while also providing comfort place to stay while exploring the city to the fullest? The Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel features its historic courtyard. It is the residence of the famous Zuo Zongtang during the Qing Dynasty.

Inside, you will be greeted by the historic chambers furnished with Chinese-style elements including handcrafted wood furnishings, unique artifacts, and lovely fabrics with Chinese embroideries. Apart from these traditional beauties, you can still hang out with your friends online as they also provide free internet access.

Combining the beauty of history and a tranquil atmosphere, guests can never go wrong. If the top on their list is historical exploration and relaxation, the Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel is perfect for an unforgettable experience in Beijing’s best.
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26.Lavande Hotels·Beijing Shijingshan Wanda Plaza

The Lavande Hotel in Beijing, near Shijingshan Wanda Plaza, is one of the city's most decent and comfortable hotels, offering visitors the best luxury and attention. The hotel's service is meticulously presented, with designs evident throughout its amenities. It used the color lavender to express love and care for all of its visitors.

All areas in the hotel have free access to the internet. The restaurant and a bar or lounge area are available for everyone wanting to socialize with the locals and travelers from around the world. For information about the area, the 24-hour front desk is always available to help you to get around the area.

Enjoy a warm and inviting service through Lavande Hotels while staying in a place that makes everyone comfortable.
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27. The St. Regis Beijing

The St. Regis Beijing Hotel, located in the vibrant metropolis of Beijing, provides every guest with an exceptional experience, whether they are sightseeing or attending business meetings. The hotel offers extensive services making it ideal for anyone looking for top-notch amenities in the heart of Beijing.

Each guest room is equipped with the latest technology, comfortable bedding, attractive furnishings, and sophisticated decor. Additionally, visitors can fully take in Beijing's breathtaking skyline. Guests can enjoy access to the athletic club, indoor swimming pool, and expansive garden views. For more relaxation, indulge in a pampering experience at the Iridium Spa, which highlights its natural hot springs.

If a business meeting is on top of your list, the hotel offers superb services and a special touch to all your events. Whether you’re exploring Beijing or attending business meetings, the Saint Regis Beijing is the perfect place to stay.
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28. Mumian Beijing Daxing International Airport

The Mumian Beijing Daxing International Airport is a fantastic spot to stay in Beijing. After a long travel, this Beijing hotel can help you relax right off the track. Its close location to the Beijing Daxing International Airport is perfect for travelers who needed a place to stay after a long flight.

It features rooms with air conditioning, a lounge area, and a private bathroom that comes with free toiletries. For any of your needs, you can rely on the service of the 24-hour front desk and the friendly staff. They can speak Mandarin and English. For breakfast, you can choose between a buffet or continental breakfast to keep you energized for the day.

Mumian Beijing is Daxing International Airport is an awesome place to stay in a convenient location near the airport. It lessens your worries and assists you so you can have an amazing experience in Beijing.
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29. Orient-Anyi international Hotel

Located near Qinglong Lake Park, the Orient-Anyi International Hotel in Beijing offers both leisure and a pleasant atmosphere. It is a perfect venue for any events or a place to stay while immersing yourselves in the different views of the city. Anyone looking to escape Beijing's busy city lifestyle will love its location.

This Beijing hotel provides excellent amenities such as huge event halls, private bathrooms, Chinese restaurants, an indoor pool, a fitness center, and rooms with full amenities and gorgeous décor.

The Orient-Anyi International Hotel certainly allows you the opportunity to see Beijing in the way that best suits you. Indeed, a fantastic and outstanding setting needs to be provided for every occasion you are celebrating. So, let this hotel in Beijing provide it all for you.
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30. The Great Wall Courtyard Hostel

The Great Wall Courtyard Hotel, located 500 meters from the Badaling Great Wall of China, is ideal for tourists from all over the world who are interested in viewing the beauty of the famous Wall of China and gaining an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture, lifestyle, and history.

The courtyard hostel offers simple rooms yet it is abundant with traditional experiences and interesting designs, figures, Chinese interiors and relaxing greeneries. It is equipped with private bathrooms, free internet access connection, and air-conditioning. Guests can also take advantage of the room service and avail of the bicycle and car rental services. Additionally, food services in Chinese and Western cuisines are also available. The hostel also offers grilling facilities for all of its guests.

The Great Wall Courtyard Hostel in Beijing is a lovely site to discover China's splendor. Experience the kind service of the personnel and an outstanding setting in a courtyard filled with China's wonders.
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Come and explore this fascinating city of Beijing. Discover for yourself why this city is one of the most visited places in the whole world. Remember to plan and be prepared for the weather. An umbrella or rain jacket will be helpful at all times as you explore. You may want to book earlier so you can plan your trip and ensure a safe and enjoyable glimpse to the past and today's adventure.
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