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About Afghanistan

There’s a lot of reasons why to explore the country of Afghanistan despite its challenges and devastation of wars. It’s a country that possesses a lot of historical and cultural backgrounds to discover. A multilingual country which is found in South Asia and Central Asia and one of the world’s largest country bounded to the east and south by Pakistan; Iran in the west; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north; and Xinjiang China in the extreme northeast. The importance of wearing the cultural dress of the Afghan community is a tribute to their particular traditions that are worth exploring. The most exciting part is getting to know, discover and taste the rich cuisines of the country and their national dish. As an Islamic country, religious sites are worth to be visit because of its peaceful nature amidst the chaos. Every history and cultural landscapes will take you back to the fabulous start to overcome fear and compete with it with an everlasting hope for this beautiful country.

The Charm of Afghanistan

1. Multilingual Country

It is a multilingual country and English is not commonly spoken so it’s a good idea to learn some of the basic questions and statements before getting there to easily get around. Languages such as Uzbek, Turkmen, Balochi, Pasyahi, and Nuristani are spoken by the minority groups, but the official language of the country is Darsi or “Farsi” and “Pashto”. Both of these languages are from the Iranian languages sub-family. Farsi or the Afghan Persian is commonly spoken and considered the trade language of the country in the central, northern, and western regions of the country. The preserved language of Pashto is the second official language and can be heard predominantly in the south, southwest and eastern parts of the country. It is believed that this country is home to more than 40 minor languages.

2. Dress to Blend

Blending and experiencing the culture of Afghanistan is an exciting way to discover their way of life and it can also reduce the amount of attention whilst enjoying the beauty of the country. The shalwar kameez or perahan tunban with a vest or the Afghan scarf is the traditional clothes for men. It is a comfortable baggy pants paired with a same color long shirt for men. For women, long sleeves and a long skirt is one of the safest to drive away attention from the locals. One of the things to remember is that women are required to cover their heads. It’s advisable not to wear open footwear as the surroundings can be quite dusty while traveling. All tourists can also wear jeans and a shirt however due to the humid weather you might want to keep in mind not to wear short shorts.

3. Uniquely Spicy Cuisines

It’s not surprising to know that this country offers unique dishes that you might not get elsewhere. The Kabuli Palau is the national dish of Afghanistan cooked by a two-step process, prepared by a mixture of steamed rice and lamb and enhanced by the staples of raisins, carrots, and sweet exotic spices. Other local cuisines to try is the Afghanistan leek and scallion dumplings mainly cooked with vegetables called Aushak. A traditional type of street food must-try is the Bolani and commonly served as a side dish for the main course meal. For more exciting vegetable dishes, the baked eggplant dish is topped with yogurt, garlic, and tomatoes. This dish is worth trying as its spicy level can be adjusted to suit every person’s preferences. Afghanistan is known for its immense pomegranates, premium grapes, and fleshy melons. Most of the traditional dishes spotted in the country come in thick flavors and thus making them recommendable for backpackers and travelers.

4. Peaceful Beautiful Mosques

Travelers need to see the impressive religious building in the center of the city of Afghanistan, Kabul. The stunningly beautiful mosques are carefully designed with different motifs and carefully selected colors that create the perfect inspiration for an excellent backdrop photo for photographers, a special treat for all art lovers, and a photo souvenir for every visitor. Walking around each prominent mosque offers solitude, relaxation and you get that harmonious feeling with the people from different countries that come together for a common spiritual intervention. Its serenity is worth coming back for. Just remember to take off your shoes before entering the mosques.

5. Amazing Historical Museums

One of the amazing places is found in the city of Kabul. It’s such a wonder that summarization of its powerful history and its rich culture lasting through many centuries can be found in one place. The amazing museum has been one of the world’s finest in showcasing their collection from the stone age years, a good introduction to Afghan history, good collections from Islamic and pre-Islamic art, recovered artifacts as well as antiquities from Kushan, early Buddhism and early Islam. Everyone can enjoy taking pictures inside the museum and learn from its fabulous history. The exteriors are also worth looking as well as its grounds considering the challenges of its losses during the terrible time of the Taliban.

6. Interesting Cultural Landscapes

Every landscape found in the country must have been destroyed, but this gives hope that the wonderful creations are more powerful than everything. Every scenery is absolutely beautiful like the mountains set against the majestic fields, the chance to see what life is like for the inhabitants, and the ancient caves they used to live in are everywhere. Climbing the top of ‘Mama’ buddhas to see the viewpoint and see the fabulous snow-capped mountains is one of a kind experience for everyone to understand the natural beauty of Afghanistan. There’s so much beauty to enjoy and to behold that it covers the painful destruction of every part of the country. The stunning sights are well worth the visit and recommended for everyone who is very interested in history and interesting archeological sites.

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