"StayList", the Vacation Rental bulk search service, is now available in Malay and Indonesian languages

StayList Inc. (headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo / President: Yosuke Homma) has now made "StayList", the Vacation Rental bulk search service, available in 2 new languages: Malay and Indonesian.
Malay version: https://stay-list.com/ms/
Indonesian version: https://stay-list.com/id/

Supported languages expansion history

On the release of StayList in February 2019, it was available in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese and catered mainly to travelers from East Asia.
Now, we have expanded our supported languages so that we may serve travelers from South East Asia as well.

In addition to this, in the future we would like to offer more convenient services to local travelers by reinforcing our system linkages with vacation rental sites and hotel booking sites in all parts of South East Asia.

About StayList

StayList is a Vacation Rental bulk search service. By using StayList, travelers can search vacation rentals all over the world listed on the major vacation rental sites as well as hotel booking sites at a clip. It is an efficient way to find the ideal accommodation. Our website is currently available in six languages: English, Korean, traditional Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Japanese.

About StayList Inc.

StayList Inc. is a start-up company established in October 2018. Our mission is to provide the best travel platform for Asian travelers in the rapidly-changing tourism industry due to the spread of sharing economy and mobile devices, and the development of technologies.
Corporate website: https://stay-list.com/company/

Company name: StayList Inc.
Establishment date: 3 October 2018
Location: Shimizu Building No.1 2F, 1-20-2, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041, Japan
Representative: CEO Yosuke Homma
Capital: ¥ 40.4 million (including capital reserve)


Company name: StayList Inc.
E-mail: company(at)stay-list.com