Vacation Rental bulk search service "StayList" is now released

StayList Inc. (headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo / President: Yosuke Homma) has released a bulk search service "StayList" where vacation rentals all over the world will easily be searched in one go.
Service Website:

Outline of our service

By using StayList, travelers can search vacation rentals all over the world listed on the major vacation rental sites as well as hotel booking sites at a clip. It is an efficient way to find the ideal accommodation more efficiently. Our website is currently available in four languages: English, Korean, traditional Chinese and Japanese.

How our service has been developed

Vacation rentals have now become quite popular, providing the travelers a wider range of accommodations. Thanks to this, each traveler can have their unique travel experiences. On the other hand, hundreds of websites are now offering information about vacation rentals, and in addition, the existing hotel booking sites started to provide the information of the same sort, which makes difficult for travelers to find the best accommodation for them.

Given this background, bulk search services is quickly growing in the North America and Europe, which are advanced markets for vacation rentals. We, as a company based in Japan, started to provide the service of StayList in order to support travelers in Asia so they can find their best accommodation more efficiently.

Vision for the future

In order to provide the better usability, we will introduce more travel websites and enhance the functions to search. Also, we will make our website even more multi-lingual so the bigger number of travelers can use our service. In the medium to long term, we would expand our service to the whole travel experiences, not just accommodations.

About StayList Inc.

StayList Inc. is a start-up company established in October 2018. Our mission is to provide the best travel platform for Asian travelers in the rapidly-changing tourism industry due to the spread of sharing economy and mobile devices, and the development of technologies.
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Company name: StayList Inc.
Establishment date: 3 October 2018
Location: Shimizu Building No.1 2F, 1-20-2, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041, Japan
Representative: CEO Yosuke Homma
Capital: ¥ 40.4 million (including capital reserve)


Company name: StayList Inc.
E-mail: company(at)