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Excellent bed and breakfast options in Ho Chi Minh: Get To Know Saigon's rich history

|Marianne Luz Molo
By the end of each year, we are all itching to be on vacation. Probably somewhere we can both relax our feet, enjoy the local cuisine, and learn more about the country’s history. Vietnam is known to have a rich history, and Ho Chi Minh is the ideal city to visit for this reason.

Commonly known to locals as “Saigon”, Ho Chi Minh is the most populous and largest city in Vietnam located in the Southeast region. Its history goes back hundreds of years and can be seen from the very sights that you will visit. From the classic colonial architecture that the former French rulers built to the museums displaying the battles the city went through, you can observe how history has shaped Ho Chi Minh to how it is today. The best time to visit is during Winter months and early spring to the weather is bearable. District 1 is the most recommended area to visit and explore since it’s closest to the main attractions.

Ho Chi Minh has been recognized as a good pick if you’re looking for an all-around Vietnamese experience, from cuisine to shops.

1. Jan Hostel Central Point

Walk through Ho Chi Minh’s biggest tourist attractions as you arrive at Jan Hostel Central Point homestay. From the beautiful terrace to the fresh fruits served throughout breakfast, this bed and breakfast will surely make your stay in Ho Chi Minh unforgettable.

Located in the center of the city, 10 minutes from the Fine Arts Museum, this bed and breakfast is within walking distance of the city’s main attractions. If you still get lost, the owners can provide a map of the area and point towards the best places to visit. During breakfast, fresh fruits are served beside some delicious herbal tea brewed at home.

Take advantage of Jan Hostel Central Point’s convenient central location and go explore the local area, maybe even experience the restaurants and shops nearby.
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2. Little Dough Lodge

An exceptional and most suitable area for a brief stop in Ho Chi Minh is the Little Dough Lodge in District 1. This homestay is away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets but is still within walking distance of famous attractions like the Tan Dinh Church, and the History Museum.

Located in District 1, this bed and breakfast is a 12-minute walk away from Diamond Plaza and 50m from Thai Vien Café and Bar. District 1 is known to be filled with so many interesting Vietnamese eateries so you will always have variety in your meals. This cozy and pleasant building is right next to a bus stop that connects to all the other places of interest in the area.

If sightseeing in Vietnam’s museums is what you’re after, you can go ahead and book Little Dough Lodge and you will get more than what you’ve paid for.
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3. Van Hung

A quiet place close to the famed street filled with main attractions, Van Hung Homestay offers some excellent service despite its simple business.

Located in District 1, this bed and breakfast is 200m from 23/9 Park and 450m from Tao Dan Park. Van Hung is located close to Bui Vien walking street, so you will have the time of your life roaming around here. With cafes, eateries, bars, and shops on either side, Bui Vien Street is a must-see place whenever you’re in Ho Chi Minh. Stay up late at night chatting with the locals in Bui Vien Street and get to know all the wonderful and bizarre stories they have to offer.

Overall, district 1 is a top-rated area to visit in the city, and Bui Vien Street is just one of those main attractions. So, if you’re planning to visit this district, Van Hung homestay is a great option for solo travelers.
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4. Saigon April Homestay

If you’re looking for a bed and breakfast in Ho Chi Minh where you can chill out and get a good night’s sleep in the city, Saigon April Homestay can be on the top of your list.

Located in District 1, only 1.1 mi from the Fine Arts Museum and 50m from Bun Bò Restaurant, this homestay is close to restaurants, museums, and the famed Bui Vien Street. It is a clean and cozy Vietnamese home in a good and quiet location in the town center, the staff also offers a paid airport shuttle service in case you need to get into the city center more easily.

Take in the sights of the Fine Arts Museum, grab a drink near Bui Vien Street, and prop up your weary feet back in Saigon April Homestay to relax the rest of the day away.
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5. Usagiyah Guest House

One of the best bed and breakfasts travelers can stay at while enjoying dressing up in gorgeous traditional Vietnamese garments is Usagiyah Guest House.

Located in District 1, this bed and breakfast is 1 mi from Ben Than Street Food Market and 1.3 mi from Takashimaya Vietnam. Usagiyah Guest House’s staff is willing to guide guests to a surprisingly good clothing tailor nearby to try out the garments available. The property is also in a delightful location in the heart of the district with many restaurants within walking distance, so you can stroll around the district in your garments and indulge in Vietnamese customs.

The best thing about staying at Usagiyah Guest House is the opportunity to learn how traditional Vietnamese garments are made, woven, and put on. Cultural appreciation is at its finest here in this homestay.
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6. Thanh Nien Guest House

Another great place to stay near the War Remnants Museum and Kafka Café and Prem Restaurant is Thanh Nien Guest House. It is considered one of the most wondrous homestays for large groups of travelers.

Located in District 3, this bed and breakfast has many restaurants and cafes just below the property. If you want to dine in the local cuisine, you don’t need to leave the homestay. The rooms are spacious and clean, with hot and cold water dispensers available. The property is fully furnished and in a central location, where everything you need is within arm’s reach.

Traveling is more fun if you’re in a group and as such, you will need a homestay that caters to your size. Thanh Nien Guest House is a great pick for this fact alone.
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7. Homestay 37 AD

Located near the Dan Sen Cultural Park and Tuong Phong Sweet Soup, Homestay 37 AD offers a home-away-from-home experience through delicious homemade cooking.

This bed and breakfast is a good value for money with high-end security, so guests can rest easy knowing they are safe in the middle of District 5. Homestay 37 AD is preferable for travelers visiting Chinatown since it’s only 15 minutes from A Dong Market. The property has a small kitchen if you want to prepare your meals, although we still recommend trying the host's homemade meals.

This spacious and cozy bed and breakfast is just what you will be craving after walking back and forth in the city.
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8. IAMSAIGON Homestay

A cozy little bed and breakfast regarded as a quiet oasis in the busy city is the IAMSAIGON Homestay in Ho Chi Minh. Enjoy the view of the abundant greenery from the balcony while eating some delicious Vietnamese breakfast.

Located in the Binh Thanh district, 2 mi from Tan Dinh Market and 200m from Cỏ May Café and Bar, this bed and breakfast is a beautiful recreational sanctuary in the heart of Saigon. There is a big common area, with a beautiful pool to chillax and hang out, while delicious breakfast is served every morning. This calm and relaxing bed and breakfast is in a great common area, with a beautiful garden that is always well-kept by the hosts themselves.

You can see how much care went into the place and the homestay itself would be a waste to not visit at least once.
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9. SƠN THỊNH Guest House

The SƠN THỊNH Guesthouse, known for being in the most touristy area in Ho Chi Minh, is a perfect stay for experiencing a traditional Vietnamese home in the city center.

Located in District 1, this bed and breakfast is only a 9-minute walk from the Fine Arts Museum and 20m from Smooth Factory Café and Bar. The location is close to the excitement and chaotic fun of Bui Vien Street, yet the property is quiet and peaceful. This bed and breakfast is very nice and clean, mostly dedicated to families and large groups of travelers. The hosts provide an Asian breakfast and you can rest in mostly family rooms while gazing out the terrace and into the city.

You would never expect it but SƠN THỊNH Guesthouse is a top-pick homestay in District 1.
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10. Saigon Garden Homestay

Saigon Garden Homestay offers a safe space for some downtime from the craziness of Saigon. For travelers who love hiking and cycling, you will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful area surrounding this homestay.

Located in District 12, 6.7 mi from AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary and 9.1 mi from Tan Dinh Market, this bed and breakfast has a bicycle rental service for those who love exploring District 12. The bed and breakfast also offers a wellness package, which includes a public and open-air bath. For meals, the staff serves an Asian or Vegetarian breakfast depending on what you fancy. Another great highlight is the homestay’s outdoor fireplace, a great place to sit around with friends during the night and talk well into the morning.

Whether you’re looking for top relaxation, a place to hang around with friends, or an active recreational activity, Saigon Garden Homestay has it all ready for you.
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11. Cu Chi Boutique Farmstay

A perfect location where you can have a peaceful and relaxing place to calm down before going home is a homestay that also advertises as a farm stay. Cu Chi Boutique Farmstay is a recommended farm stay to visit after being in a busy city.

Located 13 mi from Cu Chi Tunnels and 20 mi from Giac Lam Pagoda, this bed and breakfast farm stay is perfect for people traveling with pets. Your animals can go off-leash on the property and you can enjoy seeing them interact with the plethora of farm animals living on the fields. This is a beautiful farm, guests will feel like living in a fantasy realm surrounded by nature.

Cu Chi Boutique Farmstay can serve as your downtime before traveling back home. Nothing like admiring nature and fresh air before leaving Ho Chi Minh.
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12. My Home Guest House

My Home Guest House is a unique little homestay that offers insights into Ho Chi Minh's history and Vietnam as a whole. The highlight of this bed and breakfast is their ever-expanding collection of books.

Located in District 1, a 5-minute walk from popular tourist sites like the Ben Thanh Market and Bui Vien Walking Street, this bed and breakfast is perfect for reading about the city’s history and local literature. There is an entire wall inside the homestay where guests can write reviews and post them on the wall like sticky notes. It reassures guests that the hosts value an open business that is not afraid of public critique.

Hang out in the second-floor lobby, grab a book from the nearest bookshelf, and immerse yourself in Vietnam literature right here in My Home Guest House.
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13. Moka's House

Have a fine and dandy stay at the fascinating Moka’s House bed and breakfast. One of the most modern and chic-looking homestays that becomes more vibrant at night.

Located in District 3, 3.7 mi from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and 40m from Chè Ông Mập Café and Bar, Moka’s House has specific rooms with purple nightlights all over. These iconic nightlights give a rather vibrant night atmosphere during your stay, it is especially pretty once you pull back the drapes and stare out the window into the city. It has a great minimalist interior design with black and pale gray wall paint complimenting the appliances.

Moka’s House is a chic and modern bed and breakfast suitable for all kinds of travelers looking for a quick stay in the city.
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14. 1993's House

If you’re looking for a bed and breakfast right in a quiet neighborhood, just a short walk from the chaotic and fun atmosphere of Dien Bien Phu, 1993’s House is a great choice.

Located 2 mi from the Vietnam History Museum and 900m from Tan Cang Park, this bed and breakfast is close to Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. There are a lot of young people in the area and a lot of delicious street food as well. Back at the property, the rooms are cozy and spacious enough for 2 people. They offer quiet street views, great for those lazy afternoons when you want to doze off.

Relax in the large rooms, have a cup of tea on the balcony, and even make a friend while on your trip to the nearby university. 1993’s House eagerly awaits your booking.
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15. Te House

From the Vietnam History Museum and the mesmerizing night market, the Te House homestay is one of the best choices for experiencing a local and authentic Vietnamese experience.

Located in the city’s municipality region, only 400m from Phong Cua Crab Restaurant, this bed and breakfast has a great night market under the main bridge every Friday night that locals recommend travelers visit. The property is in a tourist village that looks like an island so you are a walk away from the main city. Back at the property, the interior décor has a homely aura and guests enjoy hanging out on the sun terrace waiting for the sun to set.

Staying in Te House bed and breakfast will make wonders for your Vietnam trip, both culturally and financially.
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16. Lakeview Park Villa

For those looking to stay in entire villas, Ho Chi Minh also has tons of those available. An amazing self-catering villa in the city is Lakeview Park Villa, perfect for whole families to book.

Located in District 7, 2.3 mi from Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center and 400m from Q7” Café and Bar, you will be met with fresh fragrance through the doors and a clean property. This villa has a balcony with garden views and a beloved rooftop pool. There is also a beautiful garden that is pleasing to the eyes and a terrace in the rooms with lake views.

Overall, Lakeview Park Villa is a great option for large groups of people. It is perfect for summer trips, so you can fully enjoy the rooftop pool.
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17. Gem Villa 15

Gem Villa 15 is a spacious and recreative homestay that radiates vacation energy. The large outdoor pool will wash away the worries of the day while in the city.

Located in District 2, 3.2 mi from the Vietnam History Museum and 100m from Lee’s Noodle Kitchen Restaurant, this villa has a nice private pool and a balcony in select rooms. The terrace has mesmerizing views of the garden and to make your stay more exciting, there’s a mini bar and a hot tub on the ground floor. While staying in this villa, you will feel the vacation rushing through your body as you relax in the large outdoor pool.

A one-of-a-kind villa for families to book for their next summer trip to Ho Chi Minh.
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NEC.HOUSE is another outstanding choice in a homestay for guests who enjoy staying in a place that looks like a modern castle. The property décor in this villa is a sight to behold, making your stay more than worthwhile.

Located in the urban district of Phú Nhuận, 1 mi from Tan Dinh Market and 650m from Rach Mieu, this villa has a beautiful minimalist plain gray décor that gives it a royalty vibe. It is spacious and airy inside the property, step outside and walk to the beginning of the valley and you will find a well-seasoned noodle shop that locals love.

This fully furnished house is another great choice for experiencing a Vietnamese trip while being outside the chaos of the main city.
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Modernity and a relaxing outdoor swimming pool and garden will welcome you at TP-Homes homestay in Ho Chi Minh. If you’re looking for a gorgeous villa fit for a whole family vacation, this is another great choice.

Located in District 2, 5.2 mi from Vincom Plaza Thu Duc and 7.2 mi from Takashimaya Vietnam, this villa is in a modern urban area with easy light traffic and a friendly and enthusiastic host. The property has garden views from the patio and balcony, the terrace has a serene lake view, and the outdoor swimming pool is perfect for all ages.

Come and enjoy a well-earned family vacation at one of Ho Chi Minh’s favored villas.
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20. Đồi Sứ Villa

If you’re looking for a private villa where children can run around freely in a spacious indoor space, look no further than Đồi Sứ Villa. It offers a perfect villa for a vacation stay with the whole family.

Located in District 9, 4.8 mi from Suoi Tien Amusement Park and 5.4 mi from Vincom Plaza Thu Duc, this private villa features garden views on a patio, with a balcony and terrace overlooking the pool. The bathroom has a walk-in shower and a sauna is just outside. The seating area is where staff serves a delicious continental or Asian breakfast, and kids can hang out in the children’s playground.

This villa is everything a family needs when looking for a vacation homestay in Ho Chi Minh.
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21. Villa 90 - Villa 86 Group

Another extraordinary villa that has a clean and comfortable living area in a convenient location is the Villa 90-Villa 86 Group in Ho Chi Minh. The villa is a great choice for those who love hiking across District 2’s beautiful landscapes.

Located in District 2, 3.4 mi from the Vietnam History Museum and 250m from La Creperie Ho Chi Minh City Restaurant, this villa has a private pool that everyone enjoys. The balcony and terrace both have a calming garden view while guests can spend the rest of the evening downstairs in the minibar. The children’s playground is a great addition, making this homestay a wonderful choice for just about anyone.

Learn more about Ho Chi Minh’s beautiful nature by hiking around the villa.
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22. Fam Villa Indochine Villa Escape

Regarded as a little paradise in the middle of the chaotic city, Fam Villa Indochine Villa Escape features a fetching and spacious home garden.

Located in the maze-like district of Binh Thanh, only a 17-minute walk away from the Vietnam History Museum and 300m from Mujo Restaurant, this villa caters most to tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh for the first time. Not only do they boast a lovely garden, but the staff also organizes a walking tour with the nearby local associations. Back at the property, there is a patio where guests can relax the day away while looking at the well-kept garden. The coffee machine is always in order whenever you need a little boost.

Fam Villa Indochine Villa Escape is another ideal choice for a spring getaway.
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23. Cozrum Homes

Cozrum Home features an irresistible view of Ho Chi Minh from the comfort of its compact rooms and modern furniture. It’s one of Hoang Sa Street’s hidden paradises and perfect for a short stay.

Located in District 1, only a 13-minute walk away from Tan Dinh Market and 30m from Lisa Café and Bar, this villa has a very accommodating host. Inside Hoang Sa Street, the property is a bit difficult to spot. Thankfully, the host is more than willing to contact you every step of the way there. Hoang Sa Street is also known for being the prime location for going anywhere in the city, making this villa the center of everything.

Stay in the middle of the city’s main place of interest while having the nearby restaurants and shops be just an arm’s length away.
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24. De Old Sport

The De Old Sport homestay is one of the most alluring places for relaxing after travel. The villa has a recommended and well-known park nearby that is just as beautiful as the property itself.

Located in District 1, 0.6 mi from Ben Thanh Street Food Market and 50m from Press Café Restaurant, this villa is a well-decorated house with a great and convenient location for traveling guests. There is a private pool that is best enjoyed with other people and for preparing meals, the kitchen is fully equipped with an oven and dishwasher.

Whenever you’re in Ho Chi Minh and want to visit District 1, you can never go wrong with picking the relaxing and beautifully decorated villa over at De Old Sport homestay.
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25. Lakeview City Home

Immerse yourself in one of the heftiest urban development areas in Ho Chi Minh, Lakeview City Home connects you directly to the fun and lively Saigon Outcast.

Located in District 2, the property is 5.3 mi from Vincom Plaza Thu Duc and 7.2 mi from Takashimaya Vietnam. This villa has a private pool, a balcony, and a terrace with beautiful garden views. The property is quite simple, but the stellar quality of this homestay is its closeness to Saigon Outcast, the city’s wacky venue for creative minds. For the weird, the bold, and the beautiful, Saigon Outcast offers something for everyone. Catch some live concerts or join the chaotic flea market rush, this place has everything.

Enjoy the fun festivities Saigon Outcast has to offer and book the most convenient villa for this occasion, Lakeview City Home.
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26. CAMP Dacao

Looking for a nice-looking villa that is close to The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre? CAMP Dacao offers phenomenal accommodations that will make your trip to and from the art center easier than most places.

Located in District 1, only a 17-minute walk away from the War Remnants Museum and 50m from Thai Vien Café and Bar, this villa is an amazing vacation home with an informative and responsive host. If you want to visit the famed art center in District 2, the host at this villa is willing to point you in the right direction so you can get there faster. The property also features a balcony, a sun terrace, and a shared lounge area.

Enjoy the avant-garde contemporary art of local Vietnamese artists and composers at this beautiful venue.
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27. Kim Villa

Kim Villa is a gorgeous homestay that offers queen-size beds with princess drapes that make you feel like royalty. Staying in this villa will not only relax you but also make you feel more appreciative of the hosts’ efforts.

Located in District 2, 5.2 mi from Diamond Plaza and 50m from Cantavil Park, Kimm Villa offers a nice and modern living space that makes you forget that this is Vietnam. The living area is spacious and houses both the dining area with the main sofa just across the dining table. The dark brown hardwood floors accent the caramel furniture and drapes very well, making it a soft sight for the eyes.

Come hang out in the quiet and relaxing homestay offered at Kim Villa.
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28. Villa Phuong Ha

This self catering villa is in the Thu Duc district, a former urban district in the northeast region but now is the thriving focal point for South Vietnam’s “Diamond Octagon”.

Located 4.5 mi from Vietnam History Museum and 550m from Morning Coffee Café and Bar, Villa Phuong Ha has a fully functioning bar and a private pool. There is a barbecue facility and sauna available for extra relaxation. For meals, enjoy an Asian breakfast every morning while overlooking the villa’s lovely little garden. If you’re sick of the sauna, try the newly improved steam room besides it to elevate your body and open your pores.

Nothing says relaxation within the busy district of Thu Duc better than staying in Villa Phuong Ha homestay.
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29. KN Holiday Villa 1

KN Holiday Villa 1 is a homestay where guests can relax in their private pool while admiring the gorgeous home garden. Not all accommodations in Ho Chi Minh cater to complete relaxation and this villa sure does.

Located in District 2, 4.2 mi from the Vietnam History Museum and 150m from That’s Café, this villa has a terrace and balcony overlooking the said home garden. The villa looks like a traditional Vietnamese mansion with peach-colored walls surrounding the property and dark-hued wooden doors standing tall. The interior is easy on the eyes with its simple dirty white wall paint, light brown colored drapes, and hardwood furniture and kitchen counters.

Imagine a life straight out of a telenovela while gazing out the villa’s veranda over at KN Holiday Villa 1.
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30. The Serenity

The Serenity homestay is one of the marvelous accommodations to stay in Ho Chi Minh. Guests and locals have recommended it as the perfect vacation villa and travel place, especially for big groups so you can make use of the entire property.

Located in District 3, only a 7-minute walk away from the War Remnants Museum and 100m from Acoustic Café and Bar, this villa boasts modern furniture and luxurious room décor. It is in an easy-to-find location in the city center so you won’t get lost getting there. For top relaxation, the villa offers its own spa and wellness facilities that include a sauna, hot tub, and a local hammam.

If you’re in Ho Chi Minh to experience the splendid service of high-class accommodation, The Serenity villa will surely exceed your expectations.
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Ho Chi Minh's bed and breakfast accommodations are suited for travelers wanting to taste the local Vietnamese cuisine and the spot-on staff service. Come check out the villa accommodations if you’re ever in the city to relax and be surrounded by Ho Chi Minh’s refreshing and eye-opening landscapes. Wherever you decide to go, Ho Chi Minh will surround you with its great history and friendly people.
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