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30 Wonderful Homestays to Visit in Seoul, the Capital of Korean Fashion

|Marianne Luz Molo
Welcome to the city where modernity coexists with cultural tradition, Seoul. Known as the capital of South Korea, the city is famous for temples and major historical palaces, as well as the well-known K-pop trend. So pack your bags now and experience the hype that is Seoul.

The name Seoul translates to “Capital”, but its official name is “Seoul Special City”. From nonstop technological advancement to the remodeling and preservation of traditional villas, no wonder Seoul is considered a special city. Seoul makes for a unique tourist spot for international visitors to experience Korean culture. This metropolis is filled with modern aesthetics, tall skyscrapers, and high-tech subways, with trendy pop culture and traditional Buddhist temples mixed right into it.

Whether you’re in Seoul for its art museums or to join and indulge in the latest K-pop trends, the city will never disappoint you by showcasing both sides. Book a trip to Seoul and check off one thing on your dream vacation list today!

1. Lotte World Lake View Loft

The Lotte World Lake View Loft in Seoul is ideally situated in the Songpa district, known as the largest district in Seoul by population. The district is also the circulation hub for the southeast part of the capital, home to a plethora of wholesale marketplaces for agriculture and marine products.

Around 3.1km from Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street and the COEX Convention Centre, this homestay boasts a garden and a bar. With each room featuring magnificent city and lake views, guests who stay here can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. In addition, the place also offers bicycle and car rental services for guests who want to go around the district.

Lotte World Lake View Loft in Seoul is well worth the cost due to its bussing district and closeness to the capital.
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2. Khan Residence

Located in the Gangnam district, Khan Residence in Seoul is an excellent choice for a homestay. The district is well-known for its modern look and is home to all the exciting city nightlife you would expect from South Korea.

In this self-catering apartment, guests can take a 5-minute walk from Samsung subway station and arrive in Gangnam’s stylish nightclubs and designer shops. It is also only 9.3km from Jongmyo Shrine for those wanting to bask in Korean history and culture. The accommodation is surrounded by beautiful locations such as the Seven Luck Casino Seoul Gangnam Branch and the COEX. The apartment is only a 3-minute walk from the City Airport Terminal and offers direct limousine buses.

With all these modern centers, gleaming skyscrapers, and high-end shops that Gangnam district offers, Khan Residence is a perfect place to book your stay in Seoul.
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3. Orakai Insadong Suites

Orakai Insadong Suites provides guests with an easy-to-reach location from the various traditional teahouses around the Jongno district. It is right in the center of Orakai, surrounded by South Korea’s traditional buildings and customs.

Within a 10-minute walk from Jogyesa Temple, this luxurious self-catering apartment offers an indoor swimming pool fitness center, and a sauna. It is known to be an excellent accommodation to book for the summer, to experience the changing of the seasons in the district’s beautiful wildlife. The rooms in this apartment have wooden flooring with luxurious interior décor and furnishing. There is a DVD player and ironing facilities available to the guests, with the rooms having central cooling and heating systems.

Travel with comfort and convenience while indulging in South Korea’s ancient cultural heritagee in the Jongno district’s traditional teahouses.
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4. White Linen House

Stunning views from the Gangnam district’s skyscrapers will welcome you to the White Linen House in Seoul. If you’re in Seoul to experience its extravagant lifestyle and possibly meet the famous DJs of the country, then this is the best accommodation for you.

Located 2.8km from Gangnam Station and only 4.1km from Bongeunsa Temple, this homestay is surrounded by stylish nightclubs where well-known DJs come and go. Dining options are available at the homestay, but guests are also encouraged to dine in high-end restaurants around the area to sample Seoul’s fried chicken and soju rice wine combo. For a bit of fun, guests can also visit the Seoul Arts Center nearby housing a design museum and a theater.

Amidst Gangnam’s high-end lifestyle, don’t forget to rest your feet at White Linen House until you’re ready to take on the modern and wealthy district again.
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5. Artravel Home

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Seoul while wanting to visit its cultural landmarks, look no further and experience the beauty of Artravel Home.

Situated in the center of Seoul, just around 700m from Myeongdong Cathedral and Dongwha Free Shop, this property offers a paid airport shuttle service to guests. The tourist spots around the area are the highlight of this homestay. The district of Jung is a popular and high-traffic area that is considered Seoul’s historic center. Guests can take a ride from the property and arrive at Deoksugung Palace and Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.

Located in a beautiful district filled with elegant Korean and European-style buildings, Artravel Home is an amazing homestay for tourists and local visitors.
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6. Uljiro Coop Residence Dongdaemun

One of the wonderfully designed homestays in Seoul is found in the bustling neighborhood of Euljiro. Uljiro Coop Residence Dongdaemun is located in one of Seoul’s rising hotspots in the capital.

Only a 3-minute walk from Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Subway Station and several shopping spots like the Myeong-dong shopping area, this homestay is a fantastic place to stay in Seoul. The place is near Yongsan Electronic Shopping Centre and is home to Savory Café, the homestay’s main resto where guests can enjoy breakfast and lunch with a western menu. The homestay offers on-site laundry rooms with fitness facilities and well-maintained studios.

The tasteful décor of this residence is only a small addition to the area’s trendy vibe. Book your trips now and experience what being on Euljiro Avenue feels like.
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7. Le Collective Seoul Seocho

Are you looking for a place to stay in Seoul’s City of Corporation and IT district? Every guest is welcome to rest their feet at Le Collective Seoul Seocho, the perfect homestay in the Seocho district.

Located 7.3km from the National Museum of Korea, you can tell just by the district’s top landmarks that this place is home to many restaurants, hotels, and cafes. But the highlight of Seocho is its wealthy neighborhoods rivaling Gangnam and home to a plethora of business centers. From the Seoul Arts Center to the National Gugak Center, this homestay is located in a busy area filled with many attractions and well-known buildings.

If you have important business to do in Seocho, then Le Collective Seoul Seocho is the perfect accommodation for you to stay since it is in the center of this business district for your ultimate convenience.
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8. YD Residence

A distinct hip vibe can be seen all around YD Residence in Seoul. Home to many student areas around Hongdae and Sinchon-ro, YD Residence is in the center of the quirky Mapo District.

Located in the center of Seoul, near the National Museum of Korea, this self-catering accommodation has an in-room washing machine and tumble dryer. The Jongmyo Shrine is only 3.9km away from the property, and guests can drive to the nearest market in NamDaeMun. Take a bike ride around the area and you will find unique boutique and jewelry shops, perfect for souvenir shopping. For those weary nights, Mapo’s late-night restaurants offer BBQ with fried chicken and beer. The staff over at YD Residence also encourages guests to walk around the area and visit the beautiful Hongik Park, a gorgeous greenery that softens the eyes after a tiring day.

Have fun staying at YD Residence while basking in Mapo district’s relaxing park views and quirky neighborhoods.
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9. Travel House

Travel House is situated in the district of Yongsan, home to the Itaewon commercial district that houses foreigners and extravagant nightlife.

Located 300m from Seoul Station and a drive away from Namdaemun Market, this homestay offers gorgeous views of the capital and the ethnically diverse Yongsan district. Notable locations outside the homestay include Yongstan Station, the ever-busy Yongsan Electronics Market, Haebangchon, and the Itaewon Commercial District. Travel House homestay is directly located in an area that is home to both tourists and locals alike because of its bustling shopping centers that represent the markets of Seoul. If you’re ever in Yongsan, you can never skip a trip to the local commercial district.

Whether you’re new to Seoul or new to South Korea as a whole, Travel House is a good accommodation to start your journey around the capital. Complete with nearby known shopping centers and a busy nightlife, there’s always something to do in the district of Yongsan.
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10. Superior Cozy Home J

Superior Cozy Home J in Seoul is one of the many captivating places in the Jung district. It prides itself on being in a convenient and animated location, surrounded by business centers and tourist attractions.

Located in the center of Seoul, Superior Cozy Home J is less than 1km from Seoul Station and Dhongwha Duty-Free Shop. The homestay has a terrace and magnificent city views from up on the balcony. The staff at this homestay respect the guests’ privacy and understand that their guests work on the go. To combat this need, each room is fitted with a computer and a laptop for convenience. The property has a car rental service and also a paid airport shuttle service.

If you’re visiting the district of Jung, Seoul’s historic center, make sure to book Superior Cozy Home J to make the best out of your trip.
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11. Raon House

Raon House can be found in the Yongsan district of Seoul. It is a beautiful accommodation sporting a gorgeous, well-kept garden below the cozy terrace.

Located in the center of Seoul, Raon House is within one of Seoul’s leading shopping districts. Guests can drive to the National Museum of Korea and indulge in the rich culture or explore the War Memorial of Korea. For shopaholics, Yongsan is also surrounded by tons of well-known markets and must-visit places. Guests can also relax in Namsan Park, just a drive away from the property. Raon House is 700m from Seoul Station and Gimpo International Airport for guests who have flights in and out of the capital.

Raon House is where you stay if you want to experience the touristy vibe of Yongsan.
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12. Ellen House

At Ellen House in Seoul, you get to stay in Seoul’s most hip and vibrant districts in the capital. You can have easy access to museums and parks and a busy street surrounded by cafes and restaurants perfect for meeting new people.

Situated in the center of Seoul, Ellen House is a perfect homestay for those wanting to meet new people in Seoul. The homestay is near Ewha Woman’s University and Hongik University, so it is guaranteed that the area is full of socialites. At Hongik University Street in Mapo, you can meet all sorts of people and let yourself be surrounded by Seoul’s colorful buildings that sparkle at night.

Ellen House is a recommended homestay for guests looking to expand their social circle in a brand-new city.
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13. Residence Unicorn

Residence Unicorn is a fantastic getaway for your Seoul vacation this summer. Located in the district of Jung-gu, it is home to the famous N Seoul Tower that gives rise to the beautiful sites of the capital.

A 15-minute walk from Sinseoldong and Dongmyo subway stations, you will arrive at Residence Unicorn, a cozy studio-type accommodation. The property has an express check-in and check-out with a tour desk so all guests can be situated as quickly as possible. The ATM is on site for convenience and the staff can help arrange for a car rental if needed. The building itself has wooden flooring and selected rooms have a swing sofa and Hello Kitty amenities.

Don’t miss out on a trip to the Seoul Tower and book Residence Unicorn now to make your Seoul trip as exciting as possible.
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14. HS House

HS House is perfect for travelers looking for private accommodation all to themselves while they relax in Seoul. This accommodation is in the district of Mapo, home to many astonishing parks such as the famous Haneul Park.

Right at the center of Seoul, this gorgeous villa sports a terrace overlooking a relaxing view of the Mapo district and Seoul as a whole. It is 300m from Hongik University and 200m from Gyeongui Line Forest Park so guests don’t have to go far if they want to visit all the busy places. As part of the property’s highlights, Haneul Park is a go-to destination whenever you’re in the Mapo district. It is the highest park and one of the five parks situated in World Cup Park.

While staying at HS House, forget the worries of home and bask in the fresh air and tranquil view of Mapo district’s biggest park.
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15. Ato The Gift

Another impressive option for travelers looking to visit more of the historical and cultural side of Seoul is Ato The Gift homestay in the district of Jung-gu.

Located in the center of Seoul, this cozy apartment is just a drive away from the famous Deoksugung Palace and other historical landmarks. The property is within 1.3km from The Shilla Duty-Free Shop Main Store and a drive away from Myeongdong Cathedral. The entire area is rich in cultural heritage and Deoksugung Palace is a great place to start. This amazing historical landmark is a walled compound of palaces used to house the former members of Korea’s royal family during the Joseon monarchy.

For those who want to learn more about Korea, especially Seoul’s rich history, what would be more convenient than Ato The Gift homestay?
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16. NamHyunDang - Hanok Korean Traditional House

Come and be part of Korean culture by staying at NamHyunDang – Hanok Korean Traditional House in Seoul, a wonderful homestay for tourists and locals alike.

Located in the Jongno district, this homestay is a beautiful traditional Korean holiday home. Priding itself on a terrace with a beautiful garden view, NamHyunDang radiates culture. Each room in this holiday home looks cozy and well-kept. Only 400m from Jongmyo Shrine and Changdeokgung Palace, the accommodation itself is already a beautiful tourist attraction apart from the surrounding historical landmarks. Outside the property, you can also visit the famed Bukchon Hanok Village, a residential neighborhood filled with many restored traditional Korean houses.

NamHyunDang is truly a wonderful place and although the area is open to the public, we should always be respectful of these historical places.
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17. BS - Entire Serviced Residence and Home Concierge

A place where you can stay near the famous Seoul parks is BS – Entire Serviced Residence and Home Concierge in the district of Jongno. It is reviewed as one of the most beautifully decorated homes in the capital.

This holiday home is situated at the center of Seoul and boasts a garden and terrace, with each room having a balcony overlooking the said garden and mountain views. The property is 3.3km from Gyeongbokgung Palace and Seokparang Restaurant. The homestay provides free breakfast for guests and a free downtown shuttle service for those wanting to visit the busy streets of Seoul.

If you’re in Jongno for a trip, take a rest at BS – Entire Serviced Residence and Home Concierge and you might just be able to take a walk around Seoul’s modern recreational park, Cheonggyecheon.
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18. Eden House

Located in the district of Mapo, surrounded by huge stadiums and famous parks, Eden House offers a life of convenience and gorgeous views overlooking the capital.

Located in the center of Seoul, the property has mesmerizing city views from the balcony. The staff also offers a paid airport shuttle service for early flights out. Only 200m from Hongik University Station and a walk away from Kakao Friends Concept Museum, there’s a plethora of things to do in this district. The staff over at Eden House will always recommend guests visit Hongdae Nanta Theatre, a must-see entertainment when in Seoul. This well-built performing arts theater is filled with very entertaining performances from local performing groups, making this entire area a signature of youth and culture.

If you’re ever in Seoul, don’t forget to book your stay now at Eden House and catch the undying performance of the Nanta Theatre.
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19. Homestay Eve

At Homestay Eve, guests can enjoy a cozy home amidst the breathtaking view of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, home to Seoul’s design and fashion industry.

Just a short distance from Myeongdong Station and Seoul Animation Center, Homestay Eve has a shared lounge, a casino, and barbecue facilities. In the living room, guests can use the computer for their entertainment. In the kitchen, there is a minibar which paired with a barbecue session makes the stay more than worthwhile. There is a buffet, ala carte, or continental breakfast available every morning. The homestay is open to guests of all places, with their staff being fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean. There is also a bicycle and car rental service for guests who want to go around DDP.

When people say Seoul is the center of the fashion industry, they most certainly are talking about the district of Jung, housing the magnificent Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
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20. Luda House

Located close to the center of Seoul, Luda House is an exceptional villa fit for guests who crave excitement and are always willing to go on wild journeys.

Only 600m from Hongik University Station and 400m from Love Museum, this villa has a beautiful balcony and a terrace made for large groups of people. The property is currently in the district of Mapo, which has the famous Seoul Escape Room. This entertainment center is considered to be one of the go-to places in Seoul for a fun time. With its impressive puzzles that entertain the brains of anyone who participates, Seoul Escape Room will always be a top priority visit for guests staying at Luda House.

You will always be on your feet in the Mapo district visiting new places, and Luda House homestay will always be there for you when you need time to rest.
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21. Suhee's Place

Located in the heart of Seoul, 600m from Hongik University Station, is Suhee’s Place Hongdae. This apartment offers lodging conveniently close to Seoul’s historical museums.

This apartment is only 150m from the Modern Design Museum, a perfect trip to visit for those wanting to learn more about Seoul’s design industry. One of the most famous landmarks nearby is The War and Women’s Human Rights Museum, a must-visit museum when you’re staying in the Mapo district. The homestay is just a drive away from this landmark and the staff is more than willing to suggest points of interest near the museum.

Delve into Korea’s rich history as you enjoy your stay in Suhee’s Place Honda in the beautiful district of Mapo.
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22. Lazo House

Within walking distance of the War Memorial of Korea, Lazo House in Seoul highlights its convenient location and relaxing atmosphere.

Located in the Yongsan district, this amazing apartment is only 1.4km from Namdaemun Market and 100m from Cheongpa Children’s Park. It is surrounded by landmarks which makes the property easy to spot and every place of interest is either a walk or a drive away from the property. The War Memorial of Korea is one of the homestay’s highlighted places of interest since a lot of guests visit the place every time. It is a beautiful museum that served as the former site of the army headquarters to memorialize the military history of Korea.

Whenever you’re on a life-changing trip to Seoul, you will never go wrong with visiting the Yongsan district and booking Lazo House for these exquisite museums.
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23. Eugene Hanok Stay

Located near Bangsan Market and a walk from Seongbuk Rest Area, Eugene Hanok Stay is a gorgeous accommodation sporting South Korea’s traditional architecture.

Set in the center of Seoul, this is another traditional Korean villa in the Jongno district. The homestay has a magnificent garden view and just outside the property, guests can get a glimpse of the famed Jogyesa Temple. This homestay, as well as the other traditional villas in the area, has been restored to its former glory and is now a part of the ever-advancing face of Korean architecture. Koreans put a lot of emphasis on preserving culture and staying in these types of accommodation is the best decision if you want to experience just that.

With the Jogyesa Temple right outside your door, your whole trip to Seoul will be met with expanding knowledge of the country’s history.
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24. Dear House

Find quality entertainment through art and technology in one of Seoul’s beloved apartments. Dear House is an accommodation perfect for guests wanting to visit Mapo district’s Trickeye Museum.

Set in the center of Seoul, this beautifully decorated apartment offers city views from the balcony and a relaxing view of the terrace. The homestay is only 500m from Hongik University which is famous for being one of the best educational centers in Korea, and only a walk away from Hongik Park. A little bit further you will reach Mapo district’s Trickeye Museum, an intriguing art museum with its featured works letting the guests be part of the canvas.

Whether you’re in Seoul for the rich design industry or the beloved educational industry, you can never go wrong with booking a stay at Dear House homestay.
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25. Naksan Balcony

Naksan Balcony in Seoul offers excellent accommodation facilities and a great location for guests who love hiking. It is within a district known for having beautiful landmarks and city nightlights.

Located in the center of Seoul, this homestay boasts a gorgeous well-groomed garden with a terrace overlooking the city. Because of its prime location, guests can take a hike around the property and reach the vast and beautiful greenery of the district. Points of interest during your hike are the Samcheongdong-gil road, which is an area surrounded by main attractions. You can have a week’s worth of exploring and taking in new sights without ever leaving the district.

Aside from the pretty city sights, the property is only 2.9km from Jongmyo Shrine and 350m from Naksan Park for your convenience.
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26. Stay Midcentury

Visiting the hip district of Yongsan will lead you to a captivating world of modern art and design. Amidst this trendy district, Stay Midcentury homestay provides quality accommodations for guests ready to explore the entirety of Seoul.

Stay Midcentury homestay is located in Seoul, 3.9km from Myeongdong Station and a bicycle ride from Itaewon Children’s Park. The property has a lovely terrace that will melt your worries away while on vacation, while the rest of the area is brimming with art history. If you’re ever in Yongsan, the Amorepacific Museum of Art is an excellent museum to visit. This museum has been specifically designed to counter the rays of the scorching sun and have the appearance of a traditional Hanok.

Indulge in the generosity that Stay Midcentury homestay offers and take your first step towards understanding Seoul’s art industry.
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27. Newly Renovated Hidden Gem

If you want to optimize your plans while exploring Seoul, Newly Renovated Hidden Gem homestay is at the heart of mesmerizing mountain views. Despite being in the city center, guests love coming here for a quick break from the hustle and bustle.

This gorgeous villa has a spacious terrace overlooking the mountains, including a cozy garden and a patio. The neighborhood is tranquil, and the Yongsan district is full of interesting places to visit such as the eye-catching Dotori house. This house stands out from the usual Korean architecture in the area and has been a place for tourists and locals to visit from time to time because of how animated the atmosphere of the place is.

Nothing screams relaxation than the Newly Renovated Hidden Gem homestay, even taking a step outside the property will relax you to your core.
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28. Aroha House

A perfect location where you can shop for typical Korean fashion is in the simplicity of Aroha House homestay. Enjoy the lovely shops of The Childhood Home and bask in Korea’s street-style apparel.

Set in Seoul, this beautiful villa has amazing city views from the balcony, as well as a cute terrace built for the art of recreation. The high-quality interiors of this homestay scream a modern aesthetic and everything radiates cleanliness. Each piece of furniture is chic and classy, and the light wooden flooring makes the entire room shine. Around 700m from the property and Seoul station, you will reach The Childhood Home, a fashion boutique that sells all kinds of Korean clothing as well as gardening products.

Don’t forget to pocket a few things from this lovely shop before flying out of Seoul, it will make the best souvenirs.
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29. Lindo House

In the famous Yongsan district lies the cozy Lindo House homestay. Booking a stay here is comparable to booking a spa session. Ultimately relaxing and offers a much-needed recreational experience.

Found just 400m from Seoul Station and 300m from Son Gijeong Park, Lindo House is an accommodation that will relax you to your core. The white interiors of the apartment contrast the dark wooden furniture, and this color scheme is evident throughout the rooms. The homestay radiates a classy look at the same time has enough space that makes it relaxing to the eyes. Just a drive away from the property is the Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden, where guests can take a stroll while sniffing through the warm summer air of Seoul.

A few trips to Seoul’s botanical gardens can ease up your nerves when traveling so be sure to book your stay at the nearest accommodations for convenience.
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30. Tranquilo Paradise

Tranquilo Paradise is an accommodation where guests can enjoy a peaceful area surrounded by interesting Buddhist temples, a must-visit place for historical enthusiasts.

This apartment in Seoul has a beautiful garden and a terrace. It has a balcony overlooking a spacious cycling and hiking area that the staff encourages guests to try out. There are two functioning bathrooms as well as a shower and a hot tub. An ATM is available within the property, and the apartment has its own children’s playground for convenience. It is 2.2km from Memory of Hillstate and 3.6km from Samseong Museum of Publishing for those looking to explore the museums.

If you’re eager to hike a bit further, guests can also visit the famous Suguksa and Samcheonsa Buddhist temples. The quickest way to learn about a city’s culture is through their temples.
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Homestays in Seoul are all located in prime places surrounded by the city’s extravagant sights and places of interest. There’s always something to do and always something to see in each district and each neighborhood. Whether you book a guesthouse at the city's end or a small apartment in the heart of it, Seoul is ready to make your stay more than worthwhile.
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