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30 Culture-Centered Homestays in Tokyo, the World's Most Populous Metropolis

|Marianne Luz Molo
Tokyo, the ever-busy capital city of Japan, is one of the highest-rated tourist destinations in the world. Known for being modern and high-tech at the same time traditional and peaceful, Tokyo stands at the top ranks of Japan’s most visited cities. It gets its popularity for offering the vastest media sensation and catering to people of all ages.

Tokyo, formerly Edo, is known for its historic shrines and temples. But not every visitor is looking to visit the historical side of a city. A variety of successful performing art theaters like Kabuki and Noh also exist. Look up from the middle of the famed Shibuya crossing and you will be met by towering neon skyscrapers and historic temples. Tokyo is home to the world’s busiest intersections, making their public transport second to none. Everything in this capital is made to be orderly and efficient, from the public transport to your local connecting neighborhood streets.

Whether you’re a fan of Japanese media or a fan of Japanese history, everything you’ve wanted to experience can be seen inside the gates of Japan’s most populous metropolis.

1. Petite Grande Miyabi

The Petite Grande Miyabi homestay is near a great area on a subway line that makes all the significant spots in Tokyo accessible. One of the main advantages and what makes guests recommend the accommodation for every trip to Tokyo is the roof terrace with a cute garden.

This aparthotel has everything guests need for a long stay, with basic cookware in the kitchen and washing facilities with detergents included. The staff offers fresh lemonade every afternoon and coffee 24/7. Guests can find many restaurants and supermarkets for a quick walk around the train stations. The homestay itself has a good layout, making it a worthwhile stay.

The Petite Grande Miyabi in Tokyo is well worth the budget if you’re willing to explore the surrounding neighborhood.
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2. Randor Residence Tokyo Classic

Located close to Kobato Park, the Randor Residence Tokyo Classic in Tokyo is a very spacious guesthouse. It is suitable for at least five people and features a convenient location surrounded by public transit and a safe and friendly neighborhood.

The guesthouse offers a flat-screen TV and a computer in the lounge area, with a dining area and balcony for selected rooms. The kitchen has a microwave and kettle readily available. It is also only a 2-minute walk from the nearest grocery and a 5-minute walk to 2 stations and a bus line for convenience. For Tokyo’s attractions, the guesthouse is set 2.9km from Sensoji Temple.

Experience Tokyo and its mesmerizing temples with Randor Residence Tokyo Classic homestay.
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3. La Krasse Sumida

The La Krasse Sumida apartment provides stunning views of the Tokyo Skytree, just outside the homestay's beautifully designed rooms. It is well-known for having a stylish and modern aesthetic and is the top homestay to visit for a quick trip to the Skytree.

This self-catering apartment offers more than what guests need when visiting the Tokyo Skytree. It is close to the Oshiage neighborhood that not only houses the Skytree but also important shrines and well-known aquariums. The apartment has a flat-screen TV with a Bluetooth speaker for each room. The impressive attention to detail throughout the building is also part of what makes this homestay a great choice for trips.

While staying at La Krasse Sumida's apartment, enjoy the gorgeous views of the Skytree and everything Oshiage has to offer.
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4. Vacation Inn Heiwajima I

A quiet neighborhood and safe street will greet you at the Vacation Inn Heiwajima I homestay. If you’re looking for an apartment set in a convenient location near popular parks and shrines, this apartment offers that and a lot more.

This well-furnished apartment is set only 800m from Iwai Jinja Shrine and near Heiwa no Mori Park. It also has the advantage of being in the city of Ota, a city rich in culture, historical sites, and stunning views of nature. In the property, there is a seating area available for all guests to use with a comfy sofa.

Let Ota City’s breathtaking views take you to a part of Tokyo’s most vibrant places.
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5. Rakuten STAY Tokyo Asakusa Twin Room with Unit Bath

If you’re looking for a guesthouse that is close to the well-known museums in Tokyo, look no further and live through the fresh vibes and modern aesthetic of Rakuten STAY Tokyo Asakusa Twin Room with Unit Bath homestay.

Located 200m from Chiisana Garasy no Honno Museum, this guesthouse comes with a private bathroom. The modern aesthetic of the property is enough to represent Tokyo’s highly advanced society and architecture. The guesthouse is also located near the Azuma Bridge, one of the most viral photoshoot spots because of the fantastic landscape and architecture of the building itself, as well as the surrounding Sumida River.

Next time you’re in Tokyo, come by Rakuten STAY Tokyo Asakusa Twin Room with Unit bath and visit the most famous spots in the city.
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6. Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku

One of the highly recommended homestays in Tokyo is the Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku, which comes with its own massage services, restaurant, and café.

The Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku offers both air conditioning and heating facilities, with each room having an air humidifier. Aside from its massage services, the property also has a dry cleaning service available with a coin-operated laundry. For guests wanting to try the local cuisine, Teketeke restaurant on the basement 1 floor serves daily breakfast after check-in. Saint Marc Café on the ground floor also offers a pleasant view of the neighborhood street while serving coffee and a plethora of Japanese snacks.

Choose Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku to achieve complete relaxation amidst the busy city of Tokyo.
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7. Shinjuku!Hayashi House 3P Free Pocket Wi-Fi!

Set in a quiet street and 300m from Meotogi Shrine, Shinjuku! Hayashi House 3P Free Pocket Wifi! is a homestay perfect for guests looking to experience the Shinjuku nightlife.

Only 80m from Koizumi Yakumo Memorial Park, this 2-bedroom apartment offers tranquil views from the balcony. Just outside the property, guests can step foot into Shinjuku’s main street and come face-to-face with its buzzing clubs, karaoke rooms, and upscale hotel bars and restaurants. Life in Shinjuku can be pretty overwhelming for people outside the city but come nighttime, and the streets are filled with colorful neon lights. Students from nearby campuses often flood to Shinjuku to party to their hearts’ content, making this homestay such a great pick because of its location in the city.

Shinjuku! Hayashi House 3P Free Pocket Wifi! is a top-pick homestay for guests wanting to step foot into the grand city of Shinjuku.
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8. Dwell Urban 7D

Ideally situated 1km from Shosen-ji Temple and a 12-minute walk from Seiganji Temple, this homestay is the perfect choice for a temporary stay in the lively hub of Shibuya.

This 1-bedroom apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette, and the rooms have a modern chic to it. Located in Shibuya, guests can experience the famous Shibuya crossing right outside their door. From the trendy youth culture to the extravagant nightlife, guests will be placed right in the heart of what makes Tokyo a wonderful place to visit. Since it is the epicenter of modern Japanese culture, Shibuya makes for the ultimate tourist destination for fashion, art, and entertainment.

If you’re looking to scramble through the iconic Shibuya crossing, book Dwell Urban 7D homestay and get swept up by the city’s fast-paced lifestyle.
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9. Nestay Apartment Tokyo Akihabara

Nestay Apartment Tokyo Akihabara homestay is ideally situated near Sakuma Park and only 100m from Kusawakeinari Shrine, making it a great choice for visiting the local historical sights.

This spacious apartment with parquet floors is big enough for families and a group of at least 5 people. It is conveniently close to the city well-known for anime, manga, and video game stores in Akihabara. Close to the modern IT stalls sporting Japan’s famous goods, and being surrounded by the local area’s cultural monuments makes this homestay one of the best in offering both worlds. For die-hard fans of video games, Akihabara sports the most luxurious and famous stores. The property is only a walk away from Kusawakeinari and Ozu History Museum for tourists looking to pay their respects to the shrines.

Whether you’re in Akihabara for the pop culture or the local sights, Nestay Apartment Tokyo Akihabara homestay will help you make the most out of your visit.
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10. Ryokan Fuji

Enjoy this traditional homestay in Tokyo recommended for guests visiting Japan on a budget. Ryokan Fuji homestay offers an abundance of fun things to do inside the property while being centrally located near public transit to gain access to the city’s fun places of interest.

This traditionally designed homestay is just 500m from JR Koiwa train station. Staff can arrange a wake-up service for the guests, and breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room. The host is described as kind and amazing at their job, as evidenced by how well-maintained the entire facility is. The traditional style bedrooms are a lot bigger than the usual modern hotel rooms which is one of the biggest advantages for staying at this homestay. For guests’ leisure time, there are manga and guidebooks available to read in the living area. For nearby sights, it’s only a 45-minute bus ride from the property to Tokyo Disneyland.

Enjoy exploring the wonders of Tokyo while flying on a budget.
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11. Al Di La

If you’re looking for an apartment recommended by families within a nice neighborhood, you can opt to stay at Al Di La homestay in Tokyo.

This apartment is 2km from the center of Tokyo and only 150m from Saikabo Kimchi Museum, fit for a small family or group of friends. The apartment comes with a balcony in each room, and the kitchen is well-equipped with fully functioning facilities. The neighborhood is delightful and is surrounded by restaurants and 7-Eleven branches. The homestay is also located in the area of Yotsuya, which is known as the Tokyo Toy Museum. So, if you have children traveling with you, the Tokyo Toy Museum can be your top place of interest in this area.

This apartment is a beautiful accommodation that is well-rounded and meant for family trips in Tokyo.
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12. Roppongi Luxury House Free Pocket Wifi

Roppongi Luxury House Free Pocket Wifi in Tokyo is perfectly situated near Juban Inari Shrine and has all the necessary facilities needed for a quick and short stay in Tokyo.

Roppongi Luxury House is a clean apartment featuring white-colored bedsheets, an iron, a washing machine, and a working microwave readily available in the rooms. The homestay is also in the city of Minato, which consists of the famous Tokyo Tower, making this homestay a great choice for sightseeing purposes. It is best to observe the Tower at night as its bright colors light up the rest of the monotone city. Outside the Tokyo Tower, Minato City also has various shrines, parks, and museums known for attracting tourists and visiting locals alike.

Roppongi Luxury House Free Pocket Wifi may be simple in style, but its great and convenient location near the Tokyo Tower makes it one of the top recommended homestays in Tokyo.
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13. Ishihara House

The Ishihara House homestay is ideally situated 600m from the Tokyo Origami Museum and is considered one of the best budget-friendly holiday homes in Tokyo.

The holiday home includes four bedrooms, a living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. The staff puts extra attention to cleanliness, so expect nothing less than excellent hygiene in this home. It is perfect for at least six people with children, as it is quite a massive property. Because of its convenient location, guests can take a walk in the morning to visit nearby temples like the Senso-ji Temple and take a look at the Tokyo Skytree.

Ishihara House is one of the uniquely designed accommodations in the area and is budget-friendly, a great choice for traveling families.
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14. Yadoya

Are you looking for a lovely holiday home in a safely quiet area amidst Tokyo? Everything you will need on a trip is located in one location when you stay in Yadoya homestay.

Around 500m from the Calligraphy Museum, this 1-bedroom holiday home is at the heart of many captivating shops that represent a chunk of modern Japanese media. The neighborhood and surrounding area are peaceful with friendly locals willing to guide tourists to the best places of interest. The holiday home is beautifully decorated to feature a traditional Japanese inn, with handmade paintings on the walls and soft futons in each room.

Treat yourself to a relaxing staycation and be pampered by the homeowner’s warm hospitality.
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15. Renostyle Oshiage

A comfy atmosphere will greet you at this efficiently designed apartment in Sumida City. Renostyle Oshiage is in a perfect location for guests wanting to visit Ryougoku, Tokyo’s sumo district.

This 1 bedroom apartment is only 700m from Kamejima Shogakko Memorial Park and only a drive or walk away from Sumida City’s top places of interest. With a modern cream aesthetic in each of the rooms and some deep brown accents in the furniture and bed sheets, this homestay is a breath of fresh air from the monotone designs of the usual hotel rooms. Each space is used to the maximum and the décor in each room is always interesting to look at.

Rest your feet at Renostyle Oshiage and visit Sumida City’s sumo district the next day to maximize your staycation.
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16. G&R House 102

G&R House 102 is in an easy-to-reach area from public transportation and 100m from Enpuku-ji Temple.

This 1-bedroom apartment is in a large building with plenty of tenants from all over the world. This homestay is a terrific place to look for new friends. The host is highly amiable to tourists, and the apartment is budget-friendly. The area is conveniently close to supermarkets, stations, and restaurants if you want to either sample the local cuisine or shop for some interesting souvenirs. Since this homestay is located in the center of Tokyo, it has the advantage of being just a ride away from the capital’s most famous landmarks and shopping districts.

Stay in the center of the city without being in the center of the hustle and bustle, book G&R House 102 homestay for your next summer trip, and immerse in the life of this vast metropolis.
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17. Tokyo's Best Spot Shibuya! 3 Person Room Free Wi-Fi

Tokyo’s Best Spot Shibuya! is one of the many promising accommodations near Shibuya station. It is a 1 bedroom apartment that caters to both students and working adults so they can have an efficient and pleasant stay in the city.

Located 400m from The Shoto Museum of Art, this apartment is in the middle of Shibuya’s hustle and bustle. From the famous crowded crossing to the plethora of museums and entertainment centers surrounding the property, this homestay is an excellent choice for a trip consisting of traveling from one place of interest to another. Since Shibuya can be confusing during the rush hour, this apartment has the advantage of being close to Shibuya station, granting guests extra time for commuting by being in a convenient spot.

For the most efficient trips, Tokyo’s Best Spot Shibuya! can be an excellent booking for guests who live in the fast lane.
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18. Takemura Building 304

At the Takemura Building 304 homestay in Tokyo, guests can stay in a lovely apartment within walking distance of Tokyo’s famous historical museums and landmarks.

Only an 11-minute walk from Shibusawa Memorial Museum, this 1-bedroom airconditioned apartment is surrounded by nearby landmarks and other places of interest. The property and travel size are appropriate for a mini-traveling party or a small family. The homestay is also conveniently close to a station and a 7-Eleven for a quick getaway into and out of the city center. Since it is located in Kita City, guests are a ride away from the pressure and noise of the big metropolis. Instead, they are greeted by Kita Ward’s traditional landscape and culture in the north of Tokyo.

All these sights are right outside the doors of Takemura Building 304. This is truly a highly recommended homestay located on the outskirts of the busy city.
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19. Space Tokyo House - Kanamachi

The Space Tokyo House homestay is an accommodation with a convenient location for tourists and a relaxing neighborhood surrounded by parks and nearby playgrounds.

Located only 250m from Harada Children’s Playground, this apartment is on a quiet street in the Kanamachi district. The property has a sun terrace for guests to put up laundry or just bask in the views of the sunset. Some units in the homestay have a dining area and a balcony. The host is known to be reactive and can speak English to accommodate visiting tourists. The property is close to all the tasty food places in Kanamachi and a big Tokyo supermarket is also nearby. The train station is only a walk away from the property, which is a great convenience for guests who want to do some sightseeing after check-in.

Experience the fun to be had in the district of Kanamachi by booking a stay in Space Tokyo House homestay.
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20. Gennoya

The Gennoya homestay in Tokyo is an apartment that is conveniently placed in the middle of all main attractions in the city, as well as being within walking distance of Shinjuku.

This apartment, which is 80m from Saikabo Kimchi Museum, has a private bathroom with a shower and slippers for each unit. The TV has an accessible Netflix account provided by the staff. The hosts and staff are equally responsive to last-minute concerns of guests staying on the property. The homestay is within walking distance of Shinjuku, where guests can experience a mouthful of Tokyo’s popping nightlife. All the important places of interest in the city are only 1 or 2 train rides away from the property, and guests can ask the staff for help with which places to prioritize for maximum efficiency of travel.

While staying at Gennoya homestay, guests can take advantage of being in the heart of the city and make the duration of their trip the most memorable one yet.
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21. Miki Hall Akabane

At the Miki Hall Akabane homestay in Tokyo, you get to stay in the Kita district, an area known for having gorgeous landscapes and massive parks.

This apartment boasts mountain views, and is one of the top recommended locations for guests who want a countryside vibe for their Tokyo trips. If the countryside view doesn’t relax you enough, the property has a private bathroom with a hot tub. 200m from the homestay, you can find the Akabane Park with all other traditional Japanese monuments just a walk away from there. While walking through the parks, guests can also take a gander at the magnificent views that the Arakawa, Sumida, Shakuji, and Shingashi Rivers offer.

Miki Hall Akabane is a great choice for a homestay located in a quiet district away from the city, the best option for touring and sightseeing purposes.
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22. Akabane TK Building 201

The Akabane TK Building 201 homestay is a breathtaking getaway from the fast-paced lifestyle of Tokyo. Situated in a location with a lot of historical ruins and a property that feels like home, this homestay aims to share the wonders of Japan’s history.

The air-conditioned apartment features a balcony with spacious and comfy beds. There is an extra luggage storage space for guests traveling from afar or large groups. The overall atmosphere in the homestay is similar to being in your own home with how guests have all available equipment in each facility. For sightseeing activities, the homestay is only 300m from Inatsuke Castle Ruins. Plan your day and join the local tours to take a peek inside one of Japan’s existing pieces of history.

Experience Tokyo in an extraordinary way surrounded by the rich culture right outside your doors.
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23. Kyodo House with Rooftop Terrace

The Kyodo House homestay in Tokyo is excellent for travelers seeking a perfect view of Mount Fuji. The homestay boasts a terrace with a full panoramic view of Japan’s tallest mountain.

Situated only 80m from Kyodo Corty Shopping Mall, this beautiful holiday home has a rooftop terrace with both city views and the famed view of Mount Fuji. It is capacious for a Tokyo accommodation and well fit for a family or a small traveling group. The host is described to be outgoing, responsive, and excellent at their job. On a sunny day, guests can go up to the terrace to hang out and observe Mount Fuji in all its glory.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, you can never miss an opportunity to see the second-highest volcano in Asia right outside your windows.
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24. 3 Bedrooms House in Food Heaven Area

Another impressive option for a quick stay in the city is a 3-bedroom house in the Food Heaven Area homestay. Within an excellent and bustling location, everything you need and everywhere you want to go is only a train ride away.

Only 200m from Yodobashi Church, this 3-bedroom apartment has a satellite flat-screen TV and a dining area. The hosts are naturally caring and nice to people from all walks of life. The property is the perfect size for at least 5 people and the location is easy to spot from being surrounded by well-known restaurants. The homestay is situated between 2 JR stations so if guests need to get a ride in and out of the city, they just need to walk out the door.

Book 3 Bedrooms House in Food Heaven Area homestay and waste not a minute of your Tokyo trip.
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25. Roppongi Azabu Sunshine Resort House

Come and enjoy the great location offered by Roppongi Azabu Sunshine Resort House in Tokyo. This homestay combines exceptional service within a bustling and vibrant area, making you want to walk around all day.

Situated 300m from Azabusan Zenpukuji, this 1-bedroom apartment has a balcony and great-sized rooms with comfortable beds. The staff are exceptional in assisting out-of-town guests and are willing to instruct them on the best restaurants around the area. There are train stations nearby for guests who want to explore the district, which the staff highly encourages. The property is as simple as it can get but the locals make the trip more than worthwhile.

Roppongi Azabu Sunshine Resort House homestay is truly one of the best places to visit if you’re ever in Tokyo for the local cuisine.
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26. Jomira & Jony House

A place where you can stay near the famed Seiko Museum in Tokyo is the Jomira & Jony House homestay. It is reviewed as one of the most efficient homestays to book for a week's visit to the city.

Only a 10-minute walk from The Seiko Museum, this 4-bedroom apartment is perfect for short trips in and out of the city. With its great location surrounded by local transits, guests can finish all that they need to do in just one or two rides away. The property is compact and so are the rooms, everything is efficient and the facilities are just enough for one or two person needs.

Overall, staying in Jomira & Jony House can grant you efficiency in your travels as well as the ability to match the fast-paced lifestyle in the capital.
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27. Colorful House

Located near Ikebukuro-Myoukyouji Temple, Colorful House homestay stays true to its name. From the cutesy cream-colored walls to the white flowers sitting on every corner of the property, this homestay offers a more personal atmosphere to its visitors.

The 3-bedroom apartment has a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a fully equipped kitchen. Colorful House homestay aims to put guests in a state of relaxation and calmness while they try to adjust to life in the city. Tokyo life is almost always in the fast lane, and this homestay offers just the right amount of feel-at-home vibes that guests crave after each exhausting day.

Stay comfy and relaxed in the middle of Japan’s busiest capital with a Colorful House homestay.
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28. Pal Court Ikebukuro

At Pal Court Ikebukuro, guests can dive directly into the district known for the Sunshine City Complex, filled with diverse shopping malls and breathtaking skyscrapers. This homestay is an exceptional choice for tourists and locals visiting Tokyo.

The rooms at this 1 bedroom apartment are bright and comfy with guests enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the neighborhood. The property is very close to the station and only 300m from Koyasu Inari Shrine. The famous Ikebukuro neighborhood is just one train stop away. Guests who are fond of indie stores selling all kinds of anime and manga merchandise should book this place.

All in all, Pal Court Ikebukuro is a highly recommended homestay for those who appreciate Eastern animation and Japanese media.
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29. Tokyo Kamakura House

Within walking distance of the Daiju-in Shrine, the Tokyo Kamakura House homestay highlights the quiet and relaxing atmosphere it radiates in a small corner of the capital.

Located in a quiet street with lovely views from the terrace at night, this holiday home feels and looks like a home away from home. There is a sweet little garden that the host takes extra care of and a relaxing shared lounge area. It is a very spacious building so guests traveling in big groups are always welcome, especially since it is only a 2-minute walk to the nearest bus station. The holiday home is a bit far from Tokyo, but it makes for a perfect place to rest and relax.

Tokyo Kamakura House is recommended for guests looking for a quiet and relaxing homestay, especially if they can rent the entire house.
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30. Park Residence Omori

Tailor to the sophisticated and chic side of you by staying at Park Residence Omori homestay in Tokyo. This lovely apartment sports an efficient check-in process and a family-oriented business.

Located 400m from Atre Omori, this apartment features a windy balcony overlooking 2 rail stations nearby. The property has a toaster, a fridge, and a stovetop from the fully equipped kitchen that guests all share. Check-ins are smooth and efficient with little to no delay for each guest. The tatami in each room are in excellent condition and you can feel the hosts take extra care in maintaining the place. It is also a very affordable house for family trips, considering it is still near most of Tokyo’s main attractions.

Staying at Park Residence Omori homestay lets you visit Tokyo’s main places of interest without spending much outside your budget, and getting to stay in a stylish environment is a plus.
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Your trip to Tokyo will undoubtedly be as efficient and convenient as it can be with all these homestay choices. Stay at a traditional villa and be surrounded by Japanese culture, or book a night at a cozy aparthotel and visit the mesmerizing neon lights of Shibuya’s nightlife. Whatever you would like and whichever you would choose, Tokyo will not let you down.
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