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Top 30 Vacation Homes and Villas in Osaka Worth Booking: Indulge in Japan's diverse cuisine

|Marianne Luz Molo
Osaka, once the regarded capital of Japan, is home to the world-famous Universal Studios Japan and the hearty cuisine that travelers describe as a different dish palette from Tokyo. This large port city has attracted tourists from all over the world for its street food, relaxing atmosphere, and overly social nightlife.

Located on the main island of Honshu and responsible for being the commerce center where exports go in and out, Osaka is the 2nd largest city in Japan. Travelers visit for its fun night festivities that can only be experienced outside the busy streets of the capital, the hearty street food, and the city’s main historical landmark that is Osaka Castle. It has a lower cost of living than Tokyo but has the advantage of having friendlier locals and a more social circle. If you want to observe Japanese culture and customs from a local standpoint, Osaka is a great place to start because of how accommodating people are to travelers.

Once you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the capital, take a quick detour and visit the charming and most relaxing city in Japan.

1. MATATABI STAY Haginochaya

Have a fantastic stay at MATATABI STAY Haginochaya Homestay in Osaka. This accommodation is perfect for short trips in the middle of the metro.

A modern and clean environment at MATATABI STAY will aid guests in making their stay as efficient as possible. Located close to the metro station, this three-bedroom vacation home is in the center of Osaka's main sights. For guests looking to buy souvenirs, there are known shops and recommended restaurants around the area. It is a 12-minute walk from Matsunomiya Shrine and only 250m from Hanazono Park, great for walking around the area during the early mornings. Important items are provided and organized by the staff, so guests won’t have to run out to the convenience store in case of emergencies.

Book this lovely vacation home in Osaka for your next trip and see for yourselves how gorgeous the area is.
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2. Namba Shinsaibashi 10 mins Reiko Guest House

One of the top recommended places to stay in Osaka with great value for money is Namba Shinsaibashi Reiko Guest House. It’s known for being a big enough property to house a family of 4, and the cleanliness is exceptional.

Featuring a great and quiet location with the famous places of Osaka right across the street, this 2-bedroom villa has made a name for itself among Osaka’s accommodations. The villa is a 17-minute walk from Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine and 300m from Higashi Nakamoto Park. The owner is very responsive and they offer a fully equipped kitchen with an oven and toaster. The staff will provide your very own slippers before inviting you into their exciting hot tub.

The welcoming and friendly host, exceptional cleanliness, and relaxing hot tub will make your stay here worth the trip. Don’t be surprised if you end up extending your stay for another night or two.
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3. Furinkyo

Furinkyo homestay features a beautiful terrace with courtyard views. Its outstanding facilities and prime location make this one of the top homestays in the city.

Get settled with little to no hassle at all since the house is equipped to provide all your necessities. The staff has made it so that guests can move in without preparing anything at all, so they can head on to relaxing on the terrace. This 2 bedroom vacation home offers bed linen and towels, with a flat-screen TV in the guest rooms. There is a spacious dining area where you are encouraged to dine together with the other guests while admiring the view from the courtyard. The vacation home is only a 10-minute walk from Tsutenkaku and 150m from Sannomidori Park.

If you’re looking to take a break in Osaka, we highly recommend Furinkyo homestay. Enjoy the courtyard view and the interesting conversations you will have with people from all around the world.
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4. One World

Another top option for travelers wanting to stay somewhere close to Stage Ku and the other entertainment centers of Osaka is the One World homestay.

Within a short distance of Stage Ku, this 3 bedroom villa has become a popular accommodation for tourists looking to experience the theatrical arts of Osaka. The Zojugoi Yasui Doton Dobokukiko Monument is also only a ride away from the property for your convenience. Back in the villa, there is free WiFi and air conditioning available throughout the property. The terrace has city views and guests can hold a barbecue party on the balcony while looking out the night sky of Osaka.

Japanese theater is a whole experience and if you want to see how amazing the entertainment industry is, One World Homestay will always open its doors for you.
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5. Linn

If you’re looking for accommodation that puts the ‘home’ in 'vacation home', consider staying at Linn homestay in Osaka. It is in a quiet street and the environment itself, down to the locals, feels like you’re back home.

This 2-bedroom vacation home is elegantly done, despite being located in a random alley, like a diamond in the rough. The property has a balcony and offers free WiFi. There is a flat-screen TV with streaming services, soft and cozy bed linens and towels, and a terrace with magnificent city views. There is a dining area downstairs where you can converse with the staff and locals alike.

Experience the same cozy and safe vibe while exploring the lovely neighborhood of Linn's vacation home in Osaka.
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6. AI Premium

Travel with friends, have a blast, and hang out at AI Premium homestay in Osaka. This enormous vacation home is fit for a whole family, and the main highlight is the large projector that guests use to hold movie nights.

Located near Matsunomiya Shrine and Kitatengachaya Park, this vacation home provides free wifi and free private parking. The kitchen is aligned with the dining area, there is a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with all needed commodities. In the morning, guests can use the coffee machine and microwave in the kitchen. For cold nights, guests can bundle up the couch and pillows and put that large projector to good use to watch movies. It is a better accommodation than most hotel rooms, and the experience makes it worth it.

AI Premium homestay offers a cozy vibe to weary groups of travelers from across the world, and sometimes that is just what we need during trips.
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7. Sakurajima Building

Located within 1.1 mi from Universal Studios Japan and 350m from Sakurajima Station, the Sakurajima Building homestay is a great accommodation for visiting Universal Studios.

This vacation home has comfortable beds resulting in guests having the best sleep on their travel to Japan. It is in a perfect location for visiting Universal Studios, for students and tourists altogether. The property has a fully equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a bidet, guest slippers, and a hair dryer. There is a microwave and kettle in the kitchen readily available for those early morning trips. According to previous guests, this vacation home is their top recommended pick for those wanting to visit Universal without going too far from the city and the homestay.

Enjoy walking around Universal Studios Japan and take the ride home to the Sakurajima Building to relax after the long day.
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8. Nao's Guesthouse 2

This accommodation is a lovely vacation home in the residential sector, close to Osaka’s Korea Town. With fresh country air in the morning and comfy beds at night, Nao’s Guesthouse 2 is an exceptional pick for a homestay.

Only a 2-minute walk from Shin-Fukae Station and only 20m from Asobiya Restaurant, this vacation home is a top pick for staying near Korea Town. It is close to Tsuruya-cho which makes traveling to Korea Town all the easier, and it is located in a residential area so it is quiet and the air is much fresher at night. The beds are fluffy and comfortable, and for guests needing entertainment, there is a Nintendo Switch available in the living room where guests can play against the staff and locals.

Explore the sights of Korea Town while staying in one of Osaka’s relaxing neighborhoods.
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9. Mist

Located near Tsutenkaku and 50m from Sannomidori Park, Mist homestay is an exceptional value for money that rivals even the budget hotels of today.

This 3-bedroom vacation home is more spacious compared to a hotel. If you end up booking the entire house, you will enjoy a nicely decorated venue with everything easily accessible just a bike ride away. The property has a beautiful garden and a relaxing sauna for guests coming home from the capital. In the rooms, there is a flat-screen TV, a washing machine, and a kitchen equipped with a microwave and fridge. Soft towels and bed linens are available upon request in and out of the sauna.

There is nothing more relaxing than taking in the sights of Osaka and coming home to cleanse your body in Mist Homestay’s beloved sauna.
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10. Batonship

Another top place to stay in Osaka that is stunningly decorated, spacious, and offers Japanese-style traditional rooms is the Batonship homestay.

Just a 3-minute walk from Tomishima Shrine and 9m from Organic Raw8 Café, you will come across a beautiful property with a minimalist style. This vacation home offers private tatami rooms and the kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, fridge, and stovetop. A bath or shower is available depending on which you book, but both come with a hair dryer and free toiletries. Batonship vacation home is regarded as one of the best accommodations in Osaka for being spacious and spotlessly clean.

This is a great place to relax your head in a traditional Japanese room, blinking away to the sound of cicadas and the refreshing warm air of Osaka.
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11. Minami Sumiken Building

A fantastic vacation home for guests looking to be near a wide selection of sightseeing spots is the Minami Sumiken Building homestay in Osaka. It is surrounded by city attractions and good home boutiques that will make you stay on your feet.

Only a 4-minute walk from Kokoni Sunaba Ariki Monument and 10m from SAKURA Vita restaurant, this lovely vacation home is located in the Nishi ward. This area of Osaka is known for being one of the great cultural heritage spots in the city and is a top contender for sightseeing purposes. So being able to stay in a vacation home right in the middle of the Nishi ward is a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture.

As long as you respect the quiet atmosphere, you’re welcome to visit the Minami Sumiken Building homestay.
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12. Nishikujo Stay 4

The Nishikujo Stay 4 homestay is an exquisite choice for guests looking to explore the Konohana ward, which includes the famed Konohana Bridge and Universal Studios.

The vacation home is located 1.4 mi from Tenjinsha Shrine and 5m from Nishikujo Park, but the highlight of the place is the Konohana ward. It is a harborside district with traveling guests passing through, either visiting Universal Studios or gazing at the marvelous Konohana Bridge. Guests who stay at this vacation home also get the opportunity to visit Maishima, the man-made island connecting to Konohana Bridge. The vacation home itself is spacious and comfortable, with staff being responsive to sudden changes and willing to answer questions in advance.

Nishikujo Stay 4 is a top pick for accommodations near interesting places of interest in the city.
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13. Pension Kurisu

Pension Kurisu can be found in the Naniwa ward of Osaka. It is an attractive accommodation sporting a rooftop garden where you can admire the gorgeous view of the Namba Parks nearby.

Located in Naniwa ward, this 3-bedroom vacation home is just a 6-minute walk from Liberty Osaka Museum and 100m from Kizugawa Park. The property offers a TV, a washing machine, and a kitchen fully equipped with a microwave and fridge. Naniwa Ward is known for having a trendy enormous mall filled with modern and chic fashion boutiques. It is a great place to walk around buying souvenirs and experiencing the stylish architecture of the buildings.

Naniwa Ward is a great location for sight-seeing and shopaholics who love to run around huge busy areas. Pension Kurisu homestay being in the middle of this hustle is the perfect way to spend your vacation.
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CREWSO homestay in Osaka is perfectly situated near Libran Bakery and 350m from Tsukamoto Train. This homestay is perfect for guests wanting to stay in a beautiful villa for an affordable price in the middle of Osaka.

CREWSO villa has 4 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV, a washing machine, and a kitchen equipped with a microwave and fridge. Fresh towels and bed linens are available and provided upon request. Libran Bakery, a shop near the villa, produces excellent quality bread and assorted pies. If you want to taste the dough of Osaka, Libran Bakery is a great stopping point for a quick snack.

CREWSO villa is a fantastic homestay for a family or group of friends walking around the neighborhood, eating the local cuisine, and admiring the view of the lovely countryside.
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15. Maguro House

If you’re looking to wander around Osaka’s relaxing parks, Maguro House homestay is a notable pick among these accommodations. Its location brings you close to Seibi Park and Honjominami Park for starters.

This 3-bedroom vacation home has two bathrooms and a kitchen, equipped with a dining area and microwave. There is a toaster and coffee machine readily available for breakfast. In the spacious and relaxing living room, there is a flat-screen TV, and the staff will provide fresh towels and bed linens upon request. The property is conveniently located near a shopping street so guests can walk around the parks and grab a bite to eat at the nearest mart.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, this vacation home at Maguro House will allow you to explore Osaka’s most relaxing countryside.
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16. Guest House Mii

Guest House Mii is one of the most delightful hostels to stay at the heart of the city to experience the amazing nightlife.

There is a shared lounge, free WiFi, and a terrace. The property also features a bar, with select rooms having a city view. The shared bathroom has a shower and hairdryer, and bed linens are available to the guests upon request. This smartly styled and constructed guesthouse is so vibrant and colorful, that its location is also prime for walking into the heart of Osaka. For sightseeing at the local attractions, Shinsengumi Osaka Tonsho Monument is only 0.4 mi from the property. For sampling the local cuisine, it’s only 50m from Okonomiyaki Momiji Restaurant.

Nightlife in Osaka is quite different from the nightlife in Tokyo, it’s very relaxing and enjoyable to spend with family. Staying a night or two at Guest House Mii hostel will help you relax in the city.
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17. Mad Cat Hostel Osaka & Bar

Perhaps you’re looking for a nice little hostel run by two adorable felines? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Mad Cat Hostel Osaka & Bar is a top-pick hostel for cat and animal lovers.

Just a 4-minute walk from Abeno Seimei Shrine and 5m from Yakiniku Manno Kitabatake, this hostel is a super cute accommodation recommended for cat lovers. The cats, Maru and Kogo, basically run the whole place. There are adorable little plushies of the cats in every area of the property, and the owners are delightful folks. Maru, the white cat, sleeps around every corner so it's easy to get a ton of pictures with them. Kogo, the black cat, on the other hand, likes to stroll around the house, brushing up against guests.

Locals in Osaka will always recommend travelers to visit any animal-themed attractions and accommodations. Mad Cat Hostel Osaka & Bar is one of the top contenders for it.
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18. Hostel Caranashi

Hostel Caranashi is one of the hostels in Osaka that is a private house run directly by hosts who live there.

The property is only a 15-minute walk from Miyuki-dori Shopping Street and 550m from Imazatominami Park. Since it is a private house, getting to know the locals is easier. The owners have given the hostel such a personality by filling it up with things they love and enjoy, see if you can guess just how passionate they are about a hobby through the things you’ll find in the hostel. The staff has very good green thumbs, and the plants around the property are well taken care of and give the place an extra homely nature.

The place is very homely and decorated, so if you need a place to rest your feet that gives off the same vibes as home, this is a great hostel for you.
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19. Hostel OGK

Another perfect hostel pick for experiencing a traditional Japanese stay is Hostel OGK in Osaka. This accommodation combines the space efficiency of a hostel and the cultural vibe of traditional Japanese rooms.

Just a 9-minute walk from Ryotokuin Temple and 650m from Kuchu Teien Observatory, staying at this hostel will help add to the Osaka experience by offering Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats. You will be greeted by extremely friendly neighbors who are more than willing to help you get around the area. The location is also conveniently close to the station, which makes it a perfect choice for going around Himeji and Kobe.

There are not a lot of hostels that offer Japanese-style rooms, so grab your bags now and book a week’s stay in Hostel OGK for your next Osaka trip.
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20. Hotel Atarayo Osaka

At the Hotel Atarayo in Osaka, guests get to stay in the heart of the city. This is a perfect hostel stay for solo travelers who constantly have to move from one place to another, making the most out of their trips.

Located in the center of Osaka, close to Nanba Betsuin Temple, Hotel Atarayo is a super clean hostel in a super quiet neighborhood. It is close to the city station in case you need to book a flight or go somewhere on short notice. The rooms have a safety deposit box and there is a shared lounge. A restaurant is on site of the property and is highly recommended since they offer a full Japanese menu.

For those looking for an efficient stay in the city, you can never go wrong with booking Hotel Atarayo Osaka.
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21. Hotel The Rock

A 6-minute walk from Kokoni Sunaba Ariki Monument, you will find a relatively new hostel with a modern design. Hotel The Rock homestay is arguably a better choice than some hostels in Tokyo due to the much lower cost and better facilities.

Only 750m from OSTEC Exhibition Hall, this hostel is a perfect option for planning trips to Kyoto and other cities. The environment is very relaxing and the atmosphere is super friendly, especially in the shared lounge area where you can converse with other travelers. The staff offers free coffee and tea anytime, and an American breakfast is served daily.

Aside from the good location and high-quality facilities, the staff at Hotel The Rock are very accommodating, making your trip to Osaka worthwhile.
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22. And Hostel Hommachi East

The And Hostel Hommachi East homestay located close to Osaka Castle, is a top contender for cheap family hostels near amazing sight-seeing places of interest.

Only 13 mi from Itami Airport and 150m from Higashiyokobori Park, this hostel is located in a surrounding neighborhood with good restaurants offering local cuisine. The design of the family rooms is unique and makes the atmosphere warm and comfortable. There is a shared lounge and shared kitchen, with a restaurant on site. They offer fancy toilets with quality facilities and equipment. The sky lounge is one of the highlights of the property, where you can have a nice view of the city at night.

At the And Hostel Hommachi East, enjoy your Osaka trip perfect for the entire family.
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23. Backpackers Hotel Toyo

Welcome to another Backpackers Hotel in the relaxing countryside of Osaka. Aside from the normal bunk beds that the hostel offers, this particular branch has basic Japanese-style rooms that will enhance your cultural trips.

Backpackers Hotel Toyo is just a 2-minute walk from Dobutsuen-mae Train Station and 550m from Hayashi Fumiko Literary Monument. Aside from the Japanese-style rooms, the hostel has shared bathrooms and a free-use kitchen. There is a coin launderette for guests staying longer than a day and select rooms have a hot water bottle provided during those cold winter months. The hostel offers bicycle rentals so don’t hesitate to explore the surrounding area.

As you’d expect from other Backpackers Hotel branches, they deliver excellent service and accommodation from anywhere in the world.
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24. Da Inn

From the tranquil atmosphere of Abeno Seimei Shrine to the refreshing air of Matsudori Park, Da Inn homestay is one of the best choices for relaxing accommodations in Osaka.

This hostel is in the Nishinari Ward district of Osaka. It is just minutes from a busy market street, and the staff lets their guests rent bicycles for added convenience. The hostel is in a cute neighborhood with tons of small restaurants and markets close by, making your stay here feel as good as home. The rooms are clean and the surrounding is ever so peaceful, guests can easily check in and out with little to no hassle.

Staying at Da Inn will elevate your spirits and relax you to your core, a fantastic quality you need to look for in a hostel.
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25. Hostel Q

Being in the city center and having an easy-to-find location are the top qualities travelers are searching for when traveling solo and on the go. And this is just what Hostel Q offers the most.

The hostel is only 5 minutes from Namba Station and 250m from Glico Man Sign. Its easy-to-find location near Osaka central makes your trips around the city all the more convenient. This is a shared dorm room type of accommodation but private rooms are also available for booking. There is a shared kitchen and dining area, as well as a shower room with a drying and washing machine.

Hostel Q is one of the best hostels out there recommended by locals for solo travelers on the go.
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26. Hotel Shin-Imamiya

Only a 5-minute train ride from Japan’s tallest building, Abeno Harukas, this hostel offers traditional Japanese-style rooms surrounded by Osaka’s best city landmarks.

Hotel Shin-Imamiya prides itself on having a hassle-free service, its well-trained staff is testimony to that. Featuring a shared kitchen and a communal sauna, this hostel goes beyond the relaxation quality by offering its massage services. They feature a large public bath exclusively for males and comfy Japanese-style rooms with traditional futon bedding. They also feature capsule rooms with unique sleeping pods. If you want to go sightseeing, Abeno Harukas is just a train ride away and the famed Kuroda Han Historical Gate is only a few meters from that as well.

This hostel is made for travelers who want to stay near the city center and close to the most important places of interest.
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27. R Hostel Namba South

Only 0.6 mi from Shinsekai Market Street and 50m from Haginochayakita Park, this hostel is a recommended accommodation in Osaka for solo travelers looking to make new friends.

This hostel is in a very social place and the hosts encourage the guests to move around and talk with other travelers from all around the world. Every traveler staying there has a story or two and what other way to share that than over some coffee in the lounge? Nishinari is nearby for entertainment and local food stalls and parks are just around the area as well. If guests are willing, the staff can organize a night out during Osaka’s festivities.

Relax your feet in the city, meet new friends, and participate in Osaka’s night festivals while staying in R Hostel Namba South homestay.
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28. Hostel Takeyado

The Hostel Takeyado is perfect for guests who love to explore local Osaka neighborhoods. If you love hiking or cycling, this is a great choice for a hostel.

Set in a lovely neighborhood, Hostel Takeyado is just a 17-minute walk from Mandaike Park and 900m from Kohama Park. Aside from the nearby parks, the hostel itself has a good exterior design and way better looking on the inside. It sports a very stylish interior with comfy beds, and the rooftop terrace has been known to have an excellent view in the evening. There are local restaurants and supermarkets just a walk away from the property, all the more reason to go out and explore.

You can discover new places and new shops on every corner when you stay at Hostel Takeyado.
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29. FON-SU Bed & Breakfast

For guests looking for authentic Japanese guesthouse accommodations, the FON-SU Bed & Breakfast homestay is a great option.

This hostel bed and breakfast is only an 8-minute walk from Ikasuri Shrine and 450m from Amidaike Park. There is a café and a small vinyl store inside the property. And the shop downstairs offers discounts to the guests, so it’s a perfect place to buy souvenirs. The hostel has a remarkable history, and guests can learn more about how the hostel was built during the reception. From the architecture to the appealing design, information about these are on the placards that are offered.

Book FON-SU Bed & Breakfast now in Osaka and stay in a gorgeous Japanese guesthouse while learning about the cultural architecture of its time.
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30. Osaka Umeda Yuan Hostel

One of the top recommended places to stay in Osaka because of its super lovely hosts and delicious food stops in the area is Osaka Umeda Yuan Hostel.

About 1.2 mi from Billboard Live Osaka and 600m from Toyosaki East Park, this hostel has tons of fun routes around the area. The house is nice and big for such a reasonable price. The rooms are huge and spacious with cable TV, there is a microwave, a fridge, and a kettle in the kitchen. The property is in an excellent location near Tenjinbashi Shopping Street for guests who want to sample Osaka’s street food palette and dine with locals.

For a hostel near the best Osaka food street, Osaka Umeda Yuan Hostel is a great option for travelers looking for that specific Japanese taste.
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These are all fantastic choices for a vacation home, but always remember to plan ahead of your trips so you can pinpoint what qualities you would like to see in a villa and make the most out of your vacation. Whether you’re flying to Osaka for the sights, or staying to participate in the mesmerizing night festivals with your family, we wish you a safe journey and hope the city will give you the recreational reset you need.
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